1934/35: Indifferent Support


Date C V Opposition Res Pos i
Aug 11 F H Scremerston W 3-2
16 F H Heart of Midlothian XI L 1-3
25 ESL H Peebles YMCA W 2-1 3
Sep 1 EQC 1 H Chirnside United D 4-4
8 SQCS 1 H Murrayfield Amateurs W 5-3
15 ESL A Peebles Rovers L 0-2 7
22 SQCS 2 A Vale of Leithen W 1-0
29 ESL H Coldstream W 1-0 5
Oct 6 SQCS 3 A Bo'ness D 0-0
13 SQCS 3R H Bo'ness L 0-5
20 EQC 1R A Chirnside United L 2-4
27 ESL A Gala Fairydean D 3-3 7
Nov 3 ESL H Jed Artisans W 7-2 4
17 ESL A Murrayfield Amateurs D 1-1 6
24 ESL A Duns L 2-3 6
Dec 1 ESL H Penicuik Athletic W 3-0 5
15 BC 1 H Chirnside United D 3-3
22 ESL H Peebles Rovers L 1-3 7
Date C V Opposition Res Pos i
Jan 5 ESL A Peebles YMCA W 2-0 5
19 ESL H Vale of Leithen W 2-1 5
26 SC 1 H Rosyth Dockyard L 1-3
Feb 9 ESL H Duns L 0-2 7
23 ESL & BC 1R A Chirnside United L 1-3 7
Mar 2 ESL H Murrayfield Amateurs D 2-2 7
16 ESL A Jed Artisans L 1-2 7
23 ESL A Selkirk L 3-4 8
30 ESL H Selkirk D 2-2 8
Apr 6 ESL A Penicuik Athletic L 1-3 9
18 ESL H Chirnside United W 4-2 9
20 ESL A Coldstream W 3-1 6
25 F H Newcastle United L 0-1
27 ESL A Vale of Leithen L 2-5 6
East of Scotland League
Home Away
Pld W D L F A W D L F A Pts
1 Peebles Rovers 21 8 1 1 49 17 8 0 3 37 23 33
2 Chirnside United 20 10 1 0 46 16 2 4 3 27 27 29
3 Vale of Leithen 19 8 2 0 33 13 1 4 4 11 21 24
4 Duns 19 5 2 2 21 18 6 0 4 22 16 24
5 Penicuick Athletic 19 7 3 0 25 14 2 2 5 19 27 23
6 Berwick Rangers 21 6 2 2 24 15 2 2 7 20 27 20
7 Peebles YMCA 21 6 1 3 36 23 2 2 7 16 23 19
8 Selkirk 20 4 1 5 24 22 4 2 4 19 18 19
9 Murrayfield Amateurs 21 2 6 3 17 24 3 3 4 24 26 19
10 Gala Fairydean 15 3 2 2 14 16 0 3 5 11 37 11
11 Coldstream 21 4 0 7 32 27 0 0 10 7 41 8
12 Jed Artisans 19 3 1 5 15 23 0 0 10 15 50 7
Remaining matches not played.

Competition Results

Appearances & Goals

Abe Anderson 12 4 1 1 4 2
William Bell 1 1
Joe R Blythe 18 5 2 1 2 1 4 1 1 3 1
William Borthwick 5 1
Jerry Bryson 2 1 1
John Crombie 2 2
Richard Demee 1
G Dickinson 1
Alex (Sandy) Dixon 6 1 1 1
William Dixon 1
Robert Dryden 1
David Dumble 2 2 1 1
Abraham Flax 1
Norman Haywood 1 2
George Hope 14 2 1 2 1 1 1
John Hope 2 1 3
William Hope 19 1 2 3 1
George Hush 4 1 2 3 3 3
George Jeffrey 14 6 1 2
Joseph Johnston 1
Norman Johnston 8 1 1
Tommy Johnstone 1
James Keenan 1
Richard (Dick) Logie 1
Edwin Longbone 5 1 1 1 4 1 2
Hugh Lyall 1 1 1 1
M Macaustra 1
Murdoch McAskill 9 12 1 1
Allan Middlemass 21 1 2 3 1 3
John Morrison 1
Richard Patterson 1 1
James Pearson 1
Tommy Pearson 16 1 2 2 4 1 2
Robert Reid 1
Robert Rule 4 1
William Rule 4 1
Alex Sharp 5 2 1 1 4 1 1 1
Jack Shiel 1
J Smith 1
Edward Stephenson 1
Alex Telford 1
John Walls 2
Willie Watson 14 3 1 1
Robert Waugh 1
Andrew Weatherburn 7 1 1 1 1 1
Andrew (Alla) Wilson 15 2 2 4 1 2
Willie Yourston 11 2 1 4 2
own goal 1
Number of players used: 47


11. Berwick Rangers retained the services of last season's regular players and after starting training early they took on Scremerston in a pre-season friendly with an experimental side at Shielfield Park on August 11th. Scremerston won the toss and chose to play downhill with the aid of the wind. Pearson had to punch over on two occasions as the visitors attacked in the opening minutes, but Berwick replied and Longbone struck the crossbar before Crombie put in a fast drive which Johnstone had to fist over. Scremerston opened the scoring when Pearson fumbled a shot from Thomson on the goal-line and immediately after, Trowbridge hit the crossbar and from the rebound Turnbull ran in to score. Play continued in Scremerston's favour until the interval. Berwick attacked on the restart and Shiel was unlucky when his header hit the post. Rangers reduced the leeway when Blythe took advantage of a misunderstanding between the visiting full backs and had little else to do other than tap the ball over the line. Scremerston were now on the defensive and Johnstone brought off a good save from Crombie. Rangers levelled matters when Weatherburn gave Johnstone no chance with a superb 20-yard strike into the top corner of the net. Rangers were now well on top and it was only a matter of time before they secured the winner; however, they had to wait until the last minute when Crombie got the all-important goal.

16. A friendly match against a Heart of Midlothian XI was arranged to help reduce the club's liabilities and the sporting section of the town responded well with some 3000 spectators attending. Although the game did not reach the high standard that it might have done, it served the purpose of revealing the strengths and weaknesses in the Berwick team with many supporters agreeing that Rangers deserved a draw. As it was Berwick lost by three goals to one. As was expected, Hearts pressed from the start and took the lead on ten minutes through McPhee. Yourston dropped to his knees to stop his fast, low shot but the ball rebounded off his body and into the roof of the net. A few minutes later, McPhee added a second with a high shot which entered the net in the top corner, just out of Yourston's reach. A smart move by Blythe and Crombie put Longbone in possession in front of goal; his parting shot was high, but it raised the enthusiasm of the home support. Crombie should have scored when he received from Anderson, but he delayed too long in taking his shot and the Hearts' defence cleared. However, Crombie made amends a few minutes later when Anderson struck the crossbar; the ball dropped down, and he sent it high into the net. Crombie was again in the thick of things when Smith sent over a perfect cross, but Waugh was a fraction of a second too quick for him. However, the excitement passed over and Yourston was called into action but had to admit defeat for a third time when Sinclair found the net with a low shot through a crowd of players. Longbone missed a golden opportunity with a shot just wide of the mark and Crombie did likewise a few feet from goal as Berwick pressed just before the interval. Hearts forced a corner at the start of the second half which Blythe headed off the line. Throughout this half, Rangers were dogged with bad luck. Anderson missed an open goal when a few yards out; Waugh partially cleared and Crombie got possession, but his effort went wide. Crombie had another chance, but Waugh smothered the ball with his body. Waugh brought off another fine save from Crombie as Rangers continued to press and Anderson deserved the applause from the crowd when he sent in a terrific shot which skimmed the outside of the post. Crombie and Anderson were combining well, and the latter beat three defenders in turn before setting up the former, who unfortunately missed the target. At the other end, Munro came close with a high rising shot which skimmed the crossbar and went over, just letting Berwick know they were still in the game.

25. Rangers started the season proper with a 2-1 victory in an East of Scotland League match against Peebles YMCA at Shielfield Park. Playing much better and more penetrating football than their opponents, Rangers should have scored more goals. Berwick forced the early pace and Pearson was unlucky with a shot that just missed the upright. A brave effort to head a goal was made by Hush from a Longbone cross, but the ball was travelling too fast for him to score. It was 15 minutes from the kick-off before Yourston had to make a clearance, but Peebles were still dangerous, forcing Wilson and Middlemass to be ever watchful. Irving created a surprise when he ran between the backs, who appealed for offside, and just missed scoring. A few minutes later, Haywood was put through with a pass from Blythe, from a suspiciously offside position, but he ran on, and beat Robertson with a hard shot into the top corner. Some heavy scoring was anticipated in the second half with Rangers playing downhill, but poor finishing let them down. Three times Longbone shot just wide of the post and Robertson was lucky to save a goal-bound shot from Pearson. However, it was not all Berwick. McCathie broke down the Peebles left, beat Wilson and was fast approaching goal when Middlemass intervened and cleared the danger. Not long afterwards, Haywood scored Berwick's second when he followed through a pass; Simpson, in trying to clear, missed the ball completely leaving Haywood to tap the home from close in. Yourston had to be quick to push a shot from Hamilton over the bar. However, the Berwick keeper was beaten when Irvine ran through the defence and shot past Yourston, whose full-length attempt to save was ineffective. Yourston was applauded when he saved another strong shot, this time from Ormiston. At the other end it was more luck than judgement that Robertson scrambled away an attempt by Haywood. Corners galore then fell to Berwick, but they could not force the ball home. With time fast running out, another unexpected breakaway by Irvine looked as though an equaliser was imminent, but Yourston denied him with a brilliant save and Berwick played on to take both points.


1. Berwick Rangers experimented with an entirely local team when they met Chirnside United in the first round of the East of Scotland Qualifying Cup at Shielfield Park. Rangers had held the trophy for the past two seasons, but after taking a 4-2 lead they slackened off thinking they had the game won with the result that victory was turned into a draw. Chirnside defended the opening rush and took the lead against the run of play when Muir side-stepped Sharp and played Veir through to beat Yourston with ease. Rangers were not long in arrears and deservedly so. Cox fisted out a high ball from Bryson which Longbone caught and made no mistake with a rising shot from an acute angle. Cox was kept busy after this with shots from Hush, Anderson and Longbone testing his skills. Chirnside upped their game and Muir ran through on goal with Rangers appealing for offside, Yourston came out to meet him and blocked his shot at point blank range. A few minutes later, the visitors took the lead when Murray beat Yourston with a close-range shot following a smart move down the left. Rangers retaliated and from fully 30 yards, Sharp struck the crossbar with a well-taken free kick. As Rangers swept in to finish the shot off, Dumble and Longbone missed sitters. Berwick secured a second equaliser when Hush headed home a well-placed Anderson corner, and five minutes from the interval, they took the lead when Sharp played a long ball upfield which Longbone crossed into the box and Dumble rushed to score. Playing downhill in the second half, Rangers were not long in gaining ground. From a free kick awarded to Berwick, Dunn handled in front of goal and a penalty was given. Hush took the kick, but he struck the underside of the crossbar and Tough cleared the rebound. A minute later, Bryson sent in a neat shot which Cox did well to clear. Play so far in the second half had been all Berwick and it came as no surprise when they furthered the lead. Dumble made a smart run and cross down the right; the flight of the ball brough Cox out of his goal and Hush had little difficulty in putting it past the keeper and into the net. Rangers' fourth goal was followed by a lapse in play of which Chirnside took full advantage. Bell played Murray into a scoring position and he was not slow in putting the ball past Yourston. The Berwick keeper brough off a superb save from Muir a few seconds later and Wilson defended well to stop Veir from scoring. However, with just two minutes remaining, Chirnside packed the home goal and Veir saved Chirnside's exit from the competition when he headed in a cross from the left.

8. In another high-scoring cup tie, Rangers beat Murrayfield Amateurs 5-3 in the opening round of the Scottish Qualifying Cup at Shielfield Park. Berwick had the benefit of the wind in the first half and held the Amateurs on the defensive. However, it took until the 25th minute for Rangers to open the scoring when Henderson, under pressure, handled in the area and Blythe scored from the resultant penalty. Rangers played Murrayfield offside whenever they attacked. However, late in the half, Farrow beat the trap but not Yourston as the keeper held his nerve in a one-on-one and forced Farrow to put his shot wide. Five minutes into the second half, Rangers increased their lead with another penalty. Longbone was brought down heavily en route for goal and Hush found the net from the spot. At the other end, Yourston brought off another fine save against Farrow. Rangers broke upfield from the clearance and after a fine move involving Dumble and Anderson, Hush gave Hall no chance with a fast-rising shot. Murrayfield pulled a goal back when Fraser scored with a long shot. The visitors then exercised the bulk of pressure. Yourston had a close call when Wright struck the crossbar and Pearson was the saving grace when he put Farrow off his mark when in a good position. Rangers added a fourth when Longbone crossed for Hush to score. A similar move a minute later saw the same player send narrowly over the bar. Murrayfield got their second when Yourston was temporarily blinded by the sun and Henderson took advantage to slot the ball home. The Amateurs were now in scoring mode and a smart move saw Lockhart run through between Bryson and Middlemass to beat Yourston from close range. With two minutes remaining, Murrayfield were only one goal in arrears and pressing strongly. Farrow struck the Berwick crossbar; from the clearance Dumble broke upfield; after drawing the Murrayfield defence he crossed to the unmarked Hush, who completed his hat trick and made victory secure.

15. Back to League business and their first away match of the season, Rangers lost 2-0 against Peebles Rovers. Rangers fielded a much-changed side with Yourston, Sharp, Blythe and Dumble all unable to turn out. Keenan (St Bernard's), W. Hope (Scremerston), J. C. Hope (Spittal Council Old Boys) and Jeffrey, from Reston and late of Duns, were brought in to complete the changes. Peebles were quick off the mark at the start and Haywood missed narrowly. Waterson also missed when well placed before Berwick launched their first attack and J. C. Hope forced Gill into conceding a corner. However, the balance of play remained with the Rovers and Sterricks hit a hard volley that missed by inches. Rovers deservedly went ahead when a Haywood shot hit the upright and Sterricks hit the rebound into the net. Rangers replied and J. C. Hope forced Turnbull into pushing the ball around the post for a corner. Keenan made a brilliant save to deny Sterricks and King put the just over as Peebles pressed before Haywood added the home side's second just before the interval. The second half started as the first ended with Peebles on the attack and Quinn went close from a good position. At the other end, Longbone made progress down the Berwick left, but Turnbull cleared. Sterricks was left with an easy opening but shot just wide as Peebles kept up the pressure and a well-timed header by Haywood was smartly cleared by Keenan just before the end.

22. A goal scored by Sharp took Rangers into the Scottish Cup proper when Berwick beat Vale of Leithen 1-0 in the Qualifying Cup at Innerleithen. There was nothing to enthuse over in the play of either side, but it could not be denied that after defending for three quarters of the game Berwick were lucky to win. Rangers had to be given credit for the way they defended in the last fifteen minutes when the home side fought desperately and melees in the goalmouth were frequent. Rangers gained what little advantage there was by winning the toss and a free kick against Kirk gave the home side an anxious moment. Vale replied strongly and tries by Rathie and Kirk kept Yourston on the alert. However, Berwick took the lead against the run of play when J. Hope gained possession and rounded Kirk only to be fouled by McGinlay and Sharp scored direct from the resultant free kick. For a while, Rangers kept the home defence busy, but Robson was not unduly troubled. Vale then made a forceful effort to get back on level terms, but poor finishing and the rock-like Berwick defence kept them from their objective. Rangers gradually wore down the Vale attack and pressed heavily up to the interval. Vale pressed on the restart and Cummings worked his way through, bur shot straight at Yourston and the keeper cleared. As an attacking force, Berwick were now completely out of it. Two corners fell to the home side, but no one could apply the finishing touch to either. Late in the game, Cummings headed the ball against the crossbar, but the danger was cleared, and Berwick held on to enter the next round.

29. Inspired by their win over Vale of Leithen, Berwick Rangers were expected to have little difficulty in notching two League points when they entertained Coldstream at Shielfield Park. The game, however, was dismal, as was the weather, and at the outset there were only 40 spectators in attendance. Rangers showed two important changes to their team with Yourston unavailable, his place taken by Johnston of Spittal Rovers, and Hush was playing for Ashington versus Workington. Anderson took the place of Hush and Dumble filled the vacant position. The first real action of the match saw Smart give Johnston a fast shot to clear. A minute later, F. Bryson brought Johnston into action. The Berwick keeper fumbled the ball but managed to clear the danger. Coldstream's goal was lucky to survive when Dumble slipped the ball through to Longbone, who was near to scoring when Curran ran out to meet him; the keeper slipped but somehow his body managed to deflect the ball to safety. On ten minutes Rangers took the lead when J. Hope forced the ball home following a fierce melee in front of the Coldstream goal. From a Sharp free kick, Longbone missed narrowly. At the other end, F. Bryson was foiled when Johnston snatched the ball at his feet. A few minutes later, Ford dashed the full length of the field at an amazing speed and finished with a brilliant shot which brought an equally fine save from Johnston, who was forced to concede a corner. The early stages of the second half brought little action as both teams missed their chances with some wild shooting. Twenty minutes from time, Coldstream were reduced to ten men when Smart had to leave the field due to an injury. As a result, Rangers had the better of the late exchanges but more wild shooting, along with a stubborn Coldstream defence, prevented any further scoring.


6. In the third round of the SFA Qualifying Cup at Newton Park, Bo'ness, Rangers gave a battling display with Yourston and the defence proving too much for Bo'ness with the game ending in a goal-less draw. The game was a typical cup-tie affair, even though ball control on the greasy pitch was extremely difficult. Bo'ness had most of the play and were only being denied success by the relentless tackling of the Berwick defence. Yourston made several good saves from Chalmers, who was in top form. In the first minute of the second half, Irvine sent in a shot that Yourston had act quick to save. Rangers replied and J. Hope was given a good chance, but he dallied too long and was dispossessed by King. Bo'ness took a grip of the game and hemmed Berwick into their own half. Hope raised Berwick's hopes when he broke upfield, but Dickson got the better of him and cleared the danger. A couple of late Bo'ness corners, the first of the afternoon, were indictive of how things were going. In the last minute, Duffy crossed for Somerville to head goalward from a good position but again Yourston saved, and a replay was required.

13. Bo'ness went nap with a 5-0 win in the replay at Shielfield Park. One of the largest crowds in recent years attended. The crowd was estimated at 3000 with over £40 taken at the gate. Rangers gave a perplexing performance. Their defence failed at a critical stage and the forward line was disjointed. Berwick showed two changes to their team. Hush, who was now on the books of Ashington, turned out at centre forward in place of Bell. Middlemass was injured just before kick-off and G. Hope, now playing for Newcastle United in the Tyneside League, took his place. However, the Bo'ness team, on paper, looked as formidable as ever with several of their players having league experience on both sides of the border. Both ends were visited in turn during the early stages of the match with Dudgeon in the visiting goal having more to do than Yourston. However, despite their promising start, Berwick failed to make their chances count. Height in the Bo'ness defence was in the visitors' favour and they invariably got the better of any high balls. It took Bo'ness until the 40th minute to take the lead when Irvine latched onto a Duffy cross and took Yourston by surprise with a shot between the keeper and the post from just a yard out. Rangers were unlucky not to level from the kick-off. Blythe played Hush through and he struck the crossbar with a terrific shot. Dudgeon was well beaten, but in the seas of feet that followed the keeper turned and managed to catch the ball before it crossed the line. Blythe missed a golden chance to equalise two minutes into the second half when instead of shooting from a good position he opted to pass to J. Hope, who was robbed of the ball by Dixon. Bo'ness increased their lead on 50 minutes when Somerville score the goal of the match with a fast-rising 15-yarder which Yourston had no earthly chance of saving. Longbone then had a chance to reduce the deficit when all he had to do was put the ball into an empty net, but he headed over much to the surprise of everyone. Rain began to fall, and the wind picked up much to the detriment of the Rangers' play. The visitors, however, played with ease on the now greasy surface. Yourston had to pick the ball from the net for the third time when Somerville scored on 67 minutes. With Bo'ness now well in command, it came as little surprise when McIvor scored a fourth on 78 minutes when he hit home a Duffy cross. Irvine had a goal disallowed for offside before he scored a fifth for Bo'ness when Duffy could have scored himself but unselfishly crossed to him. The visiting forwards looked as if they could score at will and many of the spectators left before the end. Rangers finished with only ten men after Wilson was sent off for speaking back to the referee with two minutes remaining.

20. Rangers lost their hold on the ESFA Qualifying Cup when they lost the first-round replay 4-2 against Chirnside United at Home Park. The game which was fought hard from start to finish ended with two United players and one Ranger receiving their marching orders. Blythe was proving to be a thorn in the side for the home defence in the opening half and was unlucky not to score with Cox making a superb one-handed save to deny him. However, Blythe hit the back of the net a few minutes later after Hush had played him through on goal. The lead did not last long as Veir put Chirnside level from a well-placed free kick by Burns. End-to-end football followed but with no more scoring the half ended one each, which was a fair reflection of the game so far. On the restart, Chirnside pressed, and it was not long before Veir put United into the lead when he hit home a shot by Muir which had rebounded off the crossbar. Chirnside were now well on top, but against the run of play Rangers drew level when Hush scored from the spot after the referee awarded a rather dubious penalty. Veir scored again soon after but the goal was disallowed for offside, with disapproval from the crowd. However, from a free kick just outside the 18-yard box, Tough put the home side back into lead. With three minutes remaining, an incident occurred and some of the players were at loggerheads before the crowd stormed the field to join in. After the field was cleared the offending players, namely Tough and Muir (Chirnside) and Yourston (Berwick) were sent off and the game resumed. To make matters worse, Chirnside, now with only nine men, scored their fourth when Veir broke away on his own to put the result beyond doubt, which on the run of play the home side deserved.

27. Back to League business, a second half recovery at Raidstane Park, Galashiels, saw Berwick Rangers return with a share of the points against Gala Fairydean. The game opened with a spell of midfield play, but the home side gradually took control with McLaughlin and Torrie both going close. Archibald made a fast run upfield and left Noble with only the keeper to beat, but he made a bad job with his shot. Sherlaw had bad luck with a low shot which hit the post. A minute later, he repeated the move with the same result. The home team had had practically all the play and the opening goal finally came when McLaughlin scored from a Sherlaw pass. Watson hit the post with a fierce shot before Gala were awarded a free kick just outside the box and with a well-struck shot Sherlaw beat Johnston to put the Fairydean two up at half time. In the second half, Berwick were not long in reducing the leeway when Watson found the net with a low shot. Rangers continued to press, and Hush equalised when his shot was deflected into the net by a home defender. After a series of corners, W. Hope gave Berwick the lead with third goal in twenty minutes. Gala strove hard for the equaliser and were rewarded when Sherlaw lobbed the ball over Johnston's head. The home side then missed a glorious chance to take both points in the last minute when they failed to score from the penalty spot.


3. Rangers returned to scoring mode with a 7-2 win against Jed Artisans in a League encounter at Shielfield Park. Rain fell incessantly during morning, with the result that only a sparse crowd witnessed the match. However, those who did attend witnessed a goal fest which started with three goals in the first four minutes. Berwick opened the scoring when Watson forced a corner and sent over a perfect cross for Pearson to find the net, taking Hardy by complete surprise. However, Jed Arts were level a minute later when Morrison scored a similar goal. Blythe then intercepted a clearance and played Jeffrey through to put Rangers back in the lead on the four-minute mark. Both teams then adapted themselves to the slippery conditions and exchanges were even until late in the half. Rangers' third goal came due to Jeffrey's opportunism. Blythe had two shots stopped in similar style by Hardy, but Jeffrey headed the rebound off the second into the net. Just before the interval, the visitors pulled a goal back when Nichol scored a fine goal direct from a free kick. Rangers monopolised play on the restart. So much so was their superiority that Johnston did not once handle a shot from a Jedburgh player in the second half. Patterson and Jeffrey both went close before McDonald scored an own goal on 50 minutes when he tried to prevent the ball from crossing the line but only assisted its travel into the back of the net. From a Longbone cross Jeffrey headed in what looked to be a counting shot; Hardy stopped the shot, but the ball dropped behind him before he turned and cleared. It must have been over the line when the keeper turned, but a goal was not given. However, a few minutes later a fine move by the whole Berwick team saw Patterson score a smart goal. Rangers soon forced another goal. From a corner kick, G. Hope shot through the crowd of players; Hardy got his fist to the ball but only guided it into the roof of the net. Longbone scored the seventh when he headed home a high cross from Watson. A minute later the same player received the ball just two yards from goal but somehow, he managed to miss the target when it was easier to score.

17. Rangers shared the points after a League match against Murrayfield Amateurs at Pinkhill. Berwick arrived 40 minutes late due to a bus breakdown and it was decided to play 35 minutes each way. Fast even play marked the opening exchanges with both keepers in action. Hall saved well from Hush, and at the other end Lockhart brought Johnston to his knees with a long drive. Clever work by the whole Berwick team made an opening for Watson, but he delayed his shot, and the danger was cleared. McTavish hit a fast drive which brought an amazing full length save from Johnston. The Murrayfield half backs were getting a good grip of the game and kept their forwards well supplied. After twenty minutes, Munro sent a long pass to McTavish and although Johnston smothered his shot, Simpson was on hand to drive the loose ball into the net. Rangers replied with a spell of sustained pressure, but the home side was giving nothing away. Apart from a tricky shot by Hush, Hall had few efforts to deal with. Johnston, however, had to look lively to stop shots from Lockhart and Geddes. Both goals had narrow escapes early in the second half, with the Berwick goal lucky to survive a sustained Murrayfield attack. Hush was unlucky when his pile-driver struck Hall and was eventually cleared. As time progressed, Berwick gained the upper hand and Hall had to be at his best to turn a Hush header over the bar. With ten minutes remaining, Rangers' pressure finally told when Watson forced home an equaliser which was fully deserved on the run of play.

24. Duns beat Berwick Rangers 3-2 in a League match at Hawthorn Park. It looked as if Duns would win by a cart load such was their dominance in the first half, but it all changed in the second as Berwick staged a fightback. Duns scored in the opening minutes through Mackay, but offside had previously been given. Play was carried to the other end and Blythe crossed into the goalmouth where Jeffrey was running in and he beat Wilson with a first-time effort. The lead did not last long. Robertson had hard luck with a shot before he paved the way for the equaliser with a well-timed pass for Arundel to beat Johnston, who appeared to be slow in getting down to the ball. Duns went ahead when Storey played a nice pass to Mackay, who beat Johnston all ends up. Duns continued to have the better of the exchanges up to the interval and Mackay scored their third just on the whistle. Early in the second half, Story was unlucky not to extend the home side's lead with a shot just wide of the post. Rangers gradually wore the home attack down with some solid defending and became the attacking force. Wilson, the Duns keeper, did well twice to deny Jeffrey. However, it was third time lucky a few minutes later when, with the fast-falling darkness blocking out the action, Jeffrey beat Wilson to reduce the lead to a single goal. There was still time for the equaliser, but Rangers could not better the Duns defence again.


The indifferent support that Berwick Rangers had been getting at their home matches lately had been giving the club some serious concern, and there had been talk of putting the shutters up. One of the reasons for the dwindling support was the number of junior clubs who had sprung up in the town and surrounding district. Within three miles of Berwick there were no less than seven clubs providing counter attractions.

1. Rangers beat the unbeaten when Penicuik Athletic visited Shielfield Park. Penicuik were the only unbeaten side in the East of Scotland League, but left Tweedmouth on the end of a 3-0 drubbing. Rain threatened throughout the morning, and this had an effect on the gate – as usual! However, those who attended watched an entertaining game. The teams kicked off with slight drizzle falling, enough to make conditions unpleasant and sufficient to make the ground unfit for a close passing game. Rangers were not slow in making ground and Jeffrey looked like getting an early goal, but his low shot was well saved by Ramage. Loud appeals for a penalty were ignored much to the annoyance of the home support when Willis apparently played the ball with his hand. However, in the next move Rangers took the lead. Blythe sent over a perfect cross which Dixon caught smartly and beat Ramage without the slightest hesitation. A minute later, Jeffrey missed an open goal; he appeared to hesitate, doubtless wondering whether he was offside or not, and placed his shot wide. At the other end, a great shot by Campbell hit the crossbar with Johnston out of position. The first corner of the match came late in the half. The corner was forced by Penicuik and taken by Welsh, who sent over a perfect cross from which Selkirk headed in what appeared to be a certain goal, but Johnston rose above all and neatly tip the ball over the bar. A smart bit of defensive work by G. Hope prevented Campbell from levelling when he took the ball of the Penicuik player's toe when he was just about to shoot, and coolly cleared. The visitors played better as the half progressed, but the Berwick defence stood firm. Rangers increased their lead just before the interval when Anderson scored with a fast, accurate shot which Ramage had no chance of stopping. Rangers took up the attack on the restart. Jeffrey had two early shots on goal and from the second Ramage partially cleared; Dixon received the ball and crossed to Jeffrey, who caught it in his stride and made Berwick's goal total three with a fast-rising shot. Rangers spent the remainder of the half keeping Penicuik on tender hooks. Sharp sent over a good cross which Ramage fisted over the bar and on another occasion was forced to his knees to save a dangerous shot from Blythe. With the light fading fast, Dixon had a promising move stopped by the intervention of Davidson and Ramage brought off a fine save to deny Jeffrey before the game ended with two points for Berwick and a first defeat for Penicuik.

The takings for the match against Penicuik Athletic amounted to £7. The expenses came to £7 10s, therefore Rangers had another financial loss on a home game. There was no lack of enthusiasm on the part of the committee, but the support of the public was not there. Only 300 had turned out to watch and it was hoped that more would attend the Border Cup tie with Chirnside United.

15. The first round of the Border Cup against Chirnside United brought with it a much-needed increase in the gate with 450 spectators attending. The Berwick team was unchanged from that which beat Penicuik Athletic two weeks previous and should have won. Heavy rainfall before the match left the pitch in a deplorable condition from a playing point of view, but both teams gave a good display under the circumstances. Rangers raced upfield from the kick-off and Robb had to turn a shot around the post to prevent a goal in the first ten seconds. Rangers kept pressing for a long time after. Robb was very shaky under pressure, whereas Johnston was not called upon until the 20th minute when a corner kick by Bell was on the mark. Rangers took the lead when Jeffrey crossed for Blythe to net with Robb stuck in the mud. A few minutes later, Sharp scored a second when he headed home from a Blythe corner which Robb had not the slightest chance of saving. Rangers held the upper hand for the remainder of the first half, but Veir found the net for Chirnside just three minutes into the second. Sharp grazed the crossbar with a terrific shot as Rangers replied. This was followed by Robb turning a hard shot from Blythe just round the post. Blythe then became provider when he crossed for Dixon to head home goal number three. Veir missed a golden chance when he had only Johnston to beat; the Berwick keeper slipped in the mud when rushing out to challenge but somehow managed to divert the ball out of danger. Morrish was denied in similar circumstances a few minutes later and it was evident that Chirnside were slowly gaining the advantage. It therefore came as little surprise when Morrish pulled another goal back for Chirnside in a crowded goalmouth. With the score now at 3-2 the last few minutes were played at a frantic pace. Anderson was making for the Chirnside goal when he was brought down heavily by Tough but appeals for a penalty were ignored by the referee. Tough was later cautioned by the referee for his tactics in next stopping Blythe. The game was nearing the end when Veir finally staved off defeat with a long shot which beat Johnston in semi darkness.

With the under-foot conditions for the supporters just as bad as that for the players, the club provided trench boards around the ropes so that supporters would no longer have cold feet. A meeting with representatives of the Tweedmouth Co-operative Society was arranged where an agreement was made to keep cattle off Shielfield Park until February, giving the pitch a chance to recover in preparation for the upcoming Scottish Cup tie against Rosyth Dockyard.

22. A disputed penalty, amongst other questionable decisions, spoiled the East of Scotland League match against Peebles Rovers at Shielfield Park. Preceding rain had left the pitch in a dreadful state but fortunately it was fair at kick-off time. Rangers' attacks in the opening stages were promising and on five minutes Blythe found the net. Less than a minute late, Pearson missed a similar opportunity provided by Dixon. The visitors made only sporadic attacks and were fortunate not to fall further behind when Turnbull managed to prevent Jeffrey and Pearson in turn from scoring. Pearson tried a long low shot which went inches wide of the Peebles goalpost before the visitors upped their game and kept the Berwick defence busy. A fine tackle by Middlemass prevented Haywood from getting through on one occasion. Then came the equaliser. Corcoran made good ground before crossing for the waiting Haywood to score 15 minutes from the interval. Within three minutes of the restart, Haywood put Peebles ahead when Corcoran sent Johnston to his knees with a low close-range shot and Haywood pounced onto the rebound. Play continued with the visitors holding slightly the upper hand. Haywood was making his way goalward and was tackled by Wilson, Middlemass and G. Hope in turn; Haywood slithered in the mud from one of the tackles and the referee awarded a penalty. Joe Kilner sent the spot kick straight at Johnston, who caught and held the ball dead on the goal-line. Johnston was challenged but retained hold of the ball. With the Peebles players appealing loudly for a goal, Johnston could be seen holding his left hand, which was streaming with blood. He was forced to leave the field and did not return. Down to ten men, Wilson took Johnston's place in goal and with Rangers continuing to play five up front it left a big gap at the back. Middlemass suddenly found himself confronted by the Peebles attack, who had little difficulty in getting past him to get another goal through Haywood. Darkness was falling long before the game was due to end and the home crowd, already bitter at Rangers' bad luck, kept calling for the game to be abandoned. The referee consulted the two captains about ten minutes from time and apparently decided to finish the game.


5. Sharp was outstanding in defence when Rangers visited Peebles YMCA in the East of Scotland League. Sharp played at centre half, and it was mainly due to his clever defensive tactics that the home side were unable to score. Throughout the first half Berwick did most of the attacking but missed several good chances. In the second half Peebles were the aggressors, but except in a few instances, the were easily held by the Berwick defence. Rangers attacked from the start and a good shot by Blythe was blocked by Simpson. The home side had the ball in the net a few minutes later, but the score was chalked off due to a previous infringement. Peebles ought to have taken the lead a few minutes later, but Hamilton skied the ball when well placed. Buchan was the next offender, missing from just six yards. After a spell of end-to-end play, Rangers forced matters. Dixon put narrowly wide after Simpson only partially cleared his initial shot. However, Berwick went ahead shortly after when Robertson fumbled a shot from Jeffrey and the ball rolled over the line. Stewart missed a sitter for the home side before Berwick attacked again and Anderson put them further ahead. Towards the interval, Peebles pressed hard but failed to score. Peebles continued to press on the restart and Johnston did well to save from Walker. Later, Buchan missed a fine chance. Berwick, throughout the half, were often on the defensive and Sharp was prominent in keeping the home forwards at bay to give Rangers both points.

19. Rangers played three trialist against Vale of Leithen in preparation for their upcoming Scottish Cup tie against Rosyth Dockyard. Although Berwick notched two League points with a 2-1 win, the result was by no means convincing. Despite threatening rain, a good crown turned out at Shielfield Park. Perhaps since Rangers were trying out their prospective Scottish Cup team. Three Tyneside players were included in the team, namely Lyall from Washington, along with Telford and Stevenson from Crawcrook. With Johnston out injured, the goalkeeping position was taken by Dixon from Wooler. However, the imported players were not a success, with one exception – Lyall. Rangers were quick on the move and Lyall was not long in proving his worth. Blythe lobbed over a dangerous cross to Jeffrey, but Robson got there first and cleared. At the other end, Cummings got through on his own, but in a one-on-one with Dixon, the Berwick keeper did enough to put an end to his attack and he blazed well wide of the intended target. Jeffrey looked like finding the net but slipped in the mud and his shot was wasted. A few minutes later, Jeffrey was the provider when Lyall put the finishing touch to his cross to score with a simple 20-yarder. Blythe and Jeffrey both missed badly when only a yard or so from goal neither of them could not tap the ball home after Robson had fumbled. Excitement ran high when three Vale forwards converged on Dixon with the ball in their possession and no one else there to stop them. Dixon boldly and wisely rushed out to stop them, throwing himself at Cummings' feet to clear the danger. It was certainly a plucky tackle and Dixon deserved to get away with it. In the second half, Rangers were first to make ground. Blythe was brought down heavily en route for goal. Had a penalty been awarded it would have come as no surprise. It was certainly a lucky moment for Robson when Jeffrey hit the Vale upright with the keeper well beaten. Another Rangers goal looked imminent. It came following a melee in the Vale goalmouth when Blythe swept in from outside the group and hammered the ball into the net. The visitors retaliated after this setback and Dixon was not long in being put through his paces. Three corners were forced in quick succession and from the last Dixon was forced to tip the ball over the bar. Vale kept up the pressure and from a movement started by McCafferty, Cummings made no mistake with a low shot which sped into the far corner of the net with Dixon well beaten.

26. Berwick Rangers were depending upon success in the Scottish Cup to help them out of their present financial difficulties. However, any hopes they had were soon destroyed by Rosyth Dockyard winning 3-1 in the first round of the competition at Shielfield Park. All three of Rosyth's goals were of the gift variety, but still the Dockyard deserved to win. Rangers showed several changes from the team which beat Vale of Leithen the previous week. Johnston returned in goal; T. Pearson displaced Stevenson; Waugh (Alndales) took the place of A. Dixon; Morrison (ex-Raith Rovers) led the attack and Bell (ex-St Bernard's) partnered Blythe on the left in place of Telford. Against the run of play, Rosyth took the lead after eight minutes. Wilson and Hope were to blame for not clearing the ball upfield and Bennett scored with a blistering drive. Rangers replied with Blythe and Morrison prominent in attack and they forced two corners in quick succession. However, the first was spoiled by the wind and the second was cleared by Duncan. A poor clearance by Sharp let Turnbull through on goal, but he shot just wide with Johnston fully extended. Berwick deservedly drew level on 23 minutes when Blythe crossed to Morrison, who caught the ball almost on the line and from an awkward angle he sent into the goal; the ball seemed to be over the line, but Lyall rushed in to make sure. The goal proved an incentive and McNiven had to save at the foot of the post from Lyall. However, three minutes later, Rosyth retook the lead. The visitors made a break down the right; Johnston left his goal to stop the move, but he failed to gather properly, and Garland shot into an empty net with Johnston on the ground. Rangers fought back and Blythe was unlucky with a fast drive. Morrison forced McNiven to save a similar drive, which the keeper dropped on the goal-line and was lucky to get away with it. Rosyth increased their lead just before half-time when Aitken gained possession, and although Johnston managed to touch the ball, he pushed it into the path of Turnbull, who scored another easy goal. Rosyth did not deserve to be two goal clear at the interval, but that is how the first half ended. Rangers started the second half well but could make little headway against the wind. Rosyth were first to be dangerous when Johnston saved a point-blank drive from Gallagher. A shot from Morrison was well saved by McNiven as Berwick pressed but Rosyth were soon back in the picture and a well-struck shot by Aitken was saved at the foot of the post by Johnston. Blythe had hard luck when he slipped with only McNiven to beat. At the other end, Johnston saved well from Turnbull before Garland broke through and with only Johnston to beat, he tried to dribble the ball into the net, but the keeper dived at his feet and smothered the ball. Up to the end Rosyth were the likelier to score and taken overall, Rosyth were worthy winners in a game completely spoiled by the wind.


Berwick Rangers' committee dropped a bombshell when they announced that they were to meet with creditors to discuss terms over their £400 financial liabilities. Rangers were to have met Peebles Rovers in the first round of the King Cup at Peebles but took the drastic action of scratching rather than lose out financially. Club secretary Mr George D. Cowe said "The gates we have had this season do not justify our carrying on. "We have been working on unemployed support all season. "On Saturday when we met Rosyth Dockyard in the Scottish Cup our 'gate' was £37, 50 per cent of which was contributed by unemployed spectators. "What can we do in the face of such a position? "The club has been losing something like £5 per week all season, owing chiefly to bad weather, and there is no prospect of our liabilities being lifted. "What the outcome will eventually be I cannot say at present."

9. Berwick Rangers might have been beaten 2-0 by Duns in a League match at Shielfield Park; however, Duns could take little credit out of their victory as they did not impress at all and had Rangers had anything like their usual team Duns would never have been in the hunt. Following the financial difficulties, Rangers fielded a purely local team, and even then, they had to make two last minute changes with G. Hope out injured and Blythe unavailable. Weatherburn of Berwick Hibs was brought in for Hope and Yourston, who was present as a spectator, and sportingly consented to play in defence. In addition, Longbone, Watson and A. Dixon were brought back into the fold and the whole team had to be reshuffled. The weather was pleasant, but unfortunately the attendance was again small. Rangers came close to scoring in the opening minutes when Longbone skimmed the crossbar after a fine run. Duns fought back and Pearson almost put through his own goal, the ball striking the post before going past. Duns took the lead when Arundel latched onto the end of a well-taken free kick and scored from close in. Rangers forced matters for a time, but Wilson was not really troubled. Early in the second half, Wilson had to handle a shot from Dixon, and the keeper also saved well from Watson. Duns took up the running and Arundel's shot was well held by Johnston. At the other end, Longbone landed the ball on top of the net and Jeffrey was unlucky to see his shot blocked on the line. Against the run of play, Duns went further ahead when Johnston fell in trying to cut out Laing's centre and Arundel got a gift goal. Late in the game, Arundel charged the ball from Johnston's hands but then shot past the empty goal. A few minutes later, the same player had another great chance, but from point-blank range he lifted the ball over the bar. Yourston had a golden opportunity to pull a goal back in the final minute, but somehow, he too lifted the ball over the bar from just two yards out.

23. Berwick Rangers made an early cup exit and lost two League points in a Border Cup first round replay and East of Scotland League double header at Chirnside. Rangers, who gave a strong display in the first half, took the lead after just two minutes when Weatherburn accepted a pass from Blythe and gave Robb little chance to save. At the other end, Veir blazed just over and Yourston saved well against Combe. End-to-end play followed but Chirnside gradually forced Rangers on the defensive. Murray missed a golden opportunity on the goal-line through hesitating. Combe had two commendable shots blocked and Veir had hard lines with two strong shots. Towards the interval, there was not much between the sides. Blythe was proving a handful in front of the home goal, but Tough checked his every move and although Robb handled often, he was never seriously troubled. Chirnside equalised just before half-time after a melee in which Wilson and Yourston saved on four occasions but could not prevent Combe from hitting the back of the net. Chirnside forced a series of unproductive corners at the start of the second half. Jeffrey went close for Berwick and Hope gave Robb a hot handful. Yourston saved well at the foot of the upright from Muir before Veir rattled the woodwork with a fast shot. Rangers were under mounting pressure, and it came as no surprise when Chirnside took the lead with Morrish scooping Muir's shot into the net. Ten minutes later, Veir accepted a cross from Morrish and outwitted the Berwick defence to score a third goal. Rangers tried hard to get something out of the game, but Chirnside defended well and near the end Yourston save at point-blank range from Veir. There was no denying that Chirnside were the stronger side and deserved to win, but had Berwick been able to last the pace that they showed in the first half, the score might have been different.


2. Plenty of mud; a handful of spectators; two freak goals and two teams playing well below their usual standard was the order of the day when Rangers met Murrayfield Amateurs for League points at Shielfield Park. It was soon evident that the pitch condition was going to have its effect and many would-be good moves were spoiled by the players unable to keep their feet. The visitors started brightest and Flucker tested Yourston with a 30-yarder which the keeper threw himself full stretch along the goal-line to turn the ball past the post. At the other end, McAskill and Blythe combined well, and the latter sent to Weatherburn, whose shot was turned around the upright by Hall. Rangers began to press in the later stages of the half and just before the interval McAskill forced his way through to send in a shot which Hall held but slipped and the ball rolled over the line. It was a soft goal, but they all count. Murrayfield started the second half as they did the first and Farrow missed an open goal. The visitors continued to press and levelled matters when Buchan sent in a shot which Pearson, in trying to head clear, put the ball into his own net. However, a few minutes later, McAskill was going through when he was brought down in the box and from the spot kick, he returned Berwick's lead. The lead did not last long. From a right-wing attack, Simpson received close in and from a difficult angle he levelled the score for a second time. Play then went quiet for a considerable time as the churned-up ground made progress heavy going. Nevertheless, both teams could have secured the winning goal. McAskill tested Hall with a fine shot and near the end Yourston tipped a hot shot from Flucker over the crossbar.

16. Rangers were beaten by the odd goal in three at Jed Arts, but overall, the home side deserved to take both points. Berwick were first to attack and Weatherburn went close. Jed Arts carried the ball to the other end and Tobin went close before Cox, after beating several defenders, overran the ball and missed a golden opportunity from just 5 yards out. Rae then brought Yourston to his knees with a stiff shot. The home side should have gone ahead when McVake rounded the defence and shot across the goal. However, the Arts took the lead a few minutes later when Tobin crossed for Reid to score. A spell of Berwick pressure saw Duffy make some brilliant saves, but the home side battled back and just before the interval McVake sent in a fast shot which rebounded off the crossbar. Early in the second half, a slip by the Berwick defence gave Reid space to send in a good cross from which McVake hit the crossbar for a second time. Not long afterwards, Reid again found space and crossed over to McVake, who this time found the net. It was all Jed Arts now. Reid struck the upright with a powerful shot and sent the rebound just wide. McVake went close with another effort before the home team eased off in the latter stages and in a breakaway McAskill scored for Berwick.

23. In a game in which the lead changed several times, it took a late penalty to settle the points between Berwick Rangers and Selkirk at Ettrick Park. The opening play was fast with both goals visited in turn. Watson put Rangers on the attack, but Selkirk fought back and forced two corners from which G. Wilson struck the upright from the second. Morgan saved well from Jeffrey before a fine move by the home side resulted in Douglas sending narrowly past. Good work by Jeffrey left Blythe with a glorious chance, but he completely missed the ball. Ford then broke through for Selkirk, but Middlemass stopped him near the goal. Rangers took the lead when Watson headed over a Blythe cross to McAskill who beat Morgan with a well-struck shot from 20 yards. The lead did not last long, however, as from the kick-off Selkirk pressed and J. Wilson levelled. Berwick had the better of the early second half chances, but Selkirk gradually asserted pressure and after Yourston had made a good save from Ford, G. Wilson gave Selkirk the lead. Rangers attacked from the restart. Blythe brought the score back to two goal each and a minute later, Anderson put Berwick back into the lead. Both sides had further chances. Berwick had a great opportunity to extend their lead when Jeffrey was left with only Morgan to beat but shot wildly over before Brydon drew Selkirk level with a close-range shot. Two minutes from the end, the home side were awarded a penalty for hands and Watson made no mistake from the spot.

30. Rangers met Selkirk the following week in the return League fixture at Shielfield Park. The game was a repetition of the previous week, but this time the team shared the points in a two-all draw. Berwick were quick off the mark and within two minutes McAskill found the net from close in. Not long afterwards, Rangers doubled their lead when McAskill trapped a cross in his stride and sent it rocketing into the roof of the Selkirk net. Yourston was called into action for the first time just past the half-hour mark when he stopped a goal bound shot from Ford. During the ensuing minutes he made several good clearances and half-time arrived with Selkirk pressing strongly. Selkirk kept Berwick on the defensive early in the second half. J. Wilson sent over a tantalising cross for Tranter, but he missed the goal with a weak shot. At the other end, Borthwick tested Morgan with a hard shot. Watson was on Morgan in a flash and nearly put both keeper and ball into the back of the net. Later, McAskill drew Morgan from his goal and shot from 30 yards, but Morgan managed to get a hand to it and clear the danger. In the final quarter, Selkirk began to press and following a scrimmage in the goalmouth, J. Wilson headed the ball into the net. Two minutes from time, Selkirk levelled when G. Wilson sent over a cross from the wing and Robertson found the net from within a packed Berwick goalmouth.


6. With a considerably weakened team, Rangers travelled to Penicuik on League business. Though defeated 3-1 they played reasonably well. With four regular players out, four newcomers came in; Weatherburn came in at right back in place of Wilson; the brothers Yule, of Tweedside Co-Op, came into the half back line, and in a reshuffled forward line, Demee of Spittal Rovers came in at outside right. Penicuik attacked from the start and after forcing a corner Dempster kicked just past the post. Berwick attacked but J. Ramage cleared his line on several occasions and the one time he did not the crossbar saved the situation. Penicuik took the lead when Ramage's shot struck the crossbar on its way into the net. Penicuik pressed for a while, but Yourston was in fine form. However, just before half-time, Quinn tried a shot which deceived Yourston and landed in the back of the net. In the second half, Quinn scored again for Penicuik before McAskill notched a late consolation for Berwick.

18. In a mid-week fixture, Berwick Rangers wrecked Chirnside United's championship hopes with a crushing 4-2 win. The Thursday night fixture brought one of the largest crowds to Shielfield Park, who received their money's worth to the full. Muir was the first visitor to call Yourston into action and Veir was the second shortly after. Blythe sent in what looked to be a certain goal, but Robb dived full length and turned the ball around the post. At the other end, Veir was en route for goal when Middlemass sprung up from apparently nowhere and took the ball of his feet. Rangers opened the scoring when McAskill crossed to Blythe, who scored with a fast shot into the roof of the net. Yourston brought off a clever save a few minutes later when Turnbull sent in a fast-rising shot. Just before half-time, McAskill was on his way toward goal when brought down heavily by Tough and Lawson. However, appeals for a penalty were waved aside by the referee. Three minutes into the second half, Rangers increased their lead when Watson sent over a high cross; Blythe headed it on and McAskill swept in to head the ball under the crossbar with inches to spare. W. Rule failed to stop Veir shortly afterwards, but Yourston brought off a tremendous save at the foot of the post. Number three for Rangers was scored by McAskill when ten yards out from the Chirnside goal he was tackled to the ground by Tough, but the ball had already left the Berwick players foot and it soared into the net. A minute later, Chirnside opened their account when Middlemass failed to stop Turnbull, who made no mistake. The visitors further reduced Berwick's lead two minutes later. The goal had an element of luck about it. Veir was in the vicinity of the Berwick goal when a shot rebounded to him off a defender and his shot took Yourston completely by surprise. With their tails now up, Chirnside put the Berwick goal under immense pressure, but Yourston time and time again thwarted their efforts to secure an equaliser. Failing light and strained tempers featured in the closing stages. In a Rangers raid, Lawson gripped McAskill by the shoulders after being beaten for possession of the ball which resulted in the referee and other players having to intervene to prevent an ugly scene. However, Rangers dominated the last few minutes, and it came as no surprise when McAskill completed his hat trick just on time from a Borthwick pass.

20. Berwick Rangers were worthy 3-1 winners in their penultimate League encounter at Coldstream. The home side were quick on the attack when a good run by Bryson and Bell finished in the former sending in a good centre which Rule cleared in the nick of time with Davidson in close attendance. Blythe went close for Berwick, before Coldstream took the lead on ten minutes when Davidson played a smart pass to Kerse, who beat Yourston with a fast, low shot. Rangers were not long in levelling. After beating the defence, Blythe sent the ball to Watson, whose shot was partially cleared and McAskill, getting possession, beat Curran with the easiest of shots. Berwick continued to press, and the home goal had a couple of narrow escapes from Blythe and Anderson. Yourston pulled off a fine save to deny Davidson before Rangers took the lead on 30 minutes when a good run and cross by Borthwick paved the way for McAskill to score. Coldstream pressed towards the interval with Johnston and Bryson missing good chances. Rangers pressed on the restart and Curran was called into action to clear his line on several occasions. G. Hope went close with a long shot, but Tocher and Romanes spoiled many of the Berwick attacks with a solid defensive display. However, Watson forced a corner of which Blythe got his head to and registered Berwick's third of the afternoon. Coldstream came more into the picture after this, but they could make little headway against the resolute Berwick defence. Yourston gained applause for bringing off a good save from Johnston and a minute later he cleared well from Davidson. However, Coldstream never looked like scoring and Rangers seemed content with the number of goals they had scored.

25. In their final East of Scotland League match Berwick Rangers went down heavily at Vale of Leithen. Berwick began with a smart run down the left, but Borthwick shot weakly past. Vale attacked and Rathie forced an unproductive corner. Rangers returned to the home goal where Watt brought off a tremendous save to deny Blythe. Vale began to press strongly, and Rule cleared an attack started by Renton. D. Blair then tested Yourston before clever play by Whitefield gave Rathie a scoring chance, but with only Yourston to beat he missed badly. However, Rathie made amends a few minutes later when he headed a cross from R. Blair past Yourston. Rangers were seldom in the picture as an attacking force, but when near Robson they were always dangerous. Vale continued to press, but in a Berwick raid the home defence got in a tangle and Watson was on hand to level the score. G. Hope of Berwick and McCafferty of Vale had to retire through injury at half-time. Vale attacked on the restart and Rathie headed a Sanderson cross past Yourston. Whitefield put the home side further ahead when he placed the ball well out of Yourston's reach. Vale were the awarded a penalty for an infringement against Rathie, who took the kick himself to complete his hat trick. Not long afterwards, Cummings added the home side's fifth, while Anderson reduced the deficit in the closing stages.

27. Newcastle United sent a team to play Berwick Rangers in a Thursday evening end of season fund-raising friendly. The team they sent consisted mainly of first team fringe players along with their Central League team. The game was a tame affair, but the visitors always looked a superior combination and Berwick did well to hold them to a 1-0 win. Rangers played with only ten men for the opening twenty minutes as McAskill was late in turning up. Newcastle pressed for most of the first half with Berwick seldom troubling Swinburn in the visitors' goal. Early in the second half, Newcastle forced two corners; local lad J. D. Johnston (Norham) headed the first narrowly but from the second the headed home the only goal of the game. Watson essayed a few shots from the wing which Swinburne saved nicely, but apart from this the game was disappointing. A crowd of 1200 attended, raising £30.

On the field, a mid-table finish in the East of Scotland League and an appearance in the first round of the Scottish Cup proper against Rosyth Dockyard were the sum of the 1934/35 season. Off the field it had been a disaster. An appeal was made to the Berwick public to support Berwick Rangers in greater numbers. At the clubs AGM, it was stated that total income from all sources was £441 10s 1d, a drop of £61 17s 10d from the previous season. At the end of January, the committee had to take the drastic steps of stopping the small out-of-pocket expenses given to the players, but all had stood by the club in its time of need. During the rainy spell, the cattle which were grazing in Shielfield Park caused havoc, churning up the ground, and just over £9 was required to purchase specially made duckboards along with the laying of ashes to allow supporters entry to the ground. The club's liabilities when the season opened was £222 15s 7d and the present liabilities amounted to £172 16s 6d. This did not include the mortgage of £61 15s secured on the pavilion of which the club had managed to pay off £15 along with other outstanding debts. After making good the damage caused by the grazing cattle, the club had reduced its total liabilities by £2 7s, which was considered a commendable effort in face of the huge drop in income. The club had been handicapped by having to play a team of purely local players against many of the stronger teams who fielded semi-professionals, but Rangers played strongly and cleanly and the committee were confident of a much better outcome next season.