1932/33: Application Rejected


Date C V Opposition Res i
Aug 13 F H Berwick Hibs L 3-4
20 ESL A Gala Fairydean L 3-4
27 ESL A Coldstream D 1-1
Sep 3 EQC 1 H Selkirk W 2-1
10 SQCN 1 A Murrayfield Amateurs W 2-1
15 F H Coldstream W 3-1
17 EQC 2 H Civil Service Strollers W 5-0
24 SQCN 2 A Leith Amateurs W 3-1
Oct 1 BC 1 H Coldstream W 4-2
8 SQCN 3 H Peebles Rovers D 2-2
15 SQCN 3R A Peebles Rovers D 2-2
22 SQCN 3R2 H Peebles Rovers W 3-1
29 SQCN 4 H Penicuik Athletic L 1-2
Nov 5 ESL H Selkirk W 7-1
12 ESL H Vale of Leithen W 3-1
19 ESL A Jed Artisans W 5-3
26 ESL A Chirnside United D 2-2
Dec 3 EQC SF H Penicuik Athletic W 5-3
10 EQC F N Murrayfield Amateurs W 2-0
17 ESL H Coldstream W 7-0
24 ESL A Duns W 4-3
26 F H Berwickshire League Select XI W 4-1
31 F H Queen's Park Hampden XI L 5-6
Date C V Opposition Res i
Jan 2 ESL H Duns W 3-2
7 ESL A Selkirk W 6-1
14 EC 1 A St Bernard's L 1-5
21 ESL H Chirnside United W 4-0
28 BC SF H Duns W 4-0
Feb 4 KC 1 A Jed Artisans W 2-1
11 ESL H Jed Artisans W 9-2
25 KC 2 H Civil Service Strollers W 3-2
Mar 4 ESL A Vale of Leithen W 7-2
11 ESL A Clerwood Amateurs W 3-2
18 KC SF A Peebles Rovers D 2-2
25 KC SFR H Peebles Rovers W 5-4
Apr 1 ESL H Penicuik Athletic D 1-1
8 KC F N Clerwood Amateurs W 5-2
14 PS 1 H Chirnside United W 3-1
15 ESL A Peebles Rovers L 1-5
18 ESL A Penicuik Athletic L 1-6
22 ESL H Gala Fairydean W 6-5
29 ESL H Peebles Rovers L 2-5
East of Scotland League
Home Away
Pld W D L F A W D L F A Pts
1 Penicuik Athletic 20 9 0 1 51 11 8 1 1 32 11 36
2 Peebles Rovers 19 8 0 1 43 14 9 0 1 40 13 34
3 Berwick Rangers 19 7 1 1 46 18 5 2 3 29 27 26
4 Clerwood Amateurs 17 5 1 3 28 21 3 2 3 16 20 19
5 Duns 20 4 3 3 29 22 4 0 6 28 34 19
6 Chirnside United 20 4 2 4 28 20 2 2 6 18 35 16
7 Selkirk 20 5 0 5 27 28 2 1 7 19 42 15
8 Jed Artisans 20 4 1 5 24 31 3 0 7 15 37 15
9 Vale of Leithen 19 5 0 5 18 17 1 2 6 9 25 14
10 Coldstream 20 2 1 7 16 27 2 2 6 16 36 11
11 Gala Fairydean 20 2 4 4 21 30 0 1 9 17 51 9
Remaining matches not played.
Penicuik Athletic had 1 point added to their total.
Berwick Rangers had 1 point deducted for fielding an ineligible player.

Competition Results

Appearances & Goals

Abe Anderson 12 7 1 1 5 1 1 2 1 1
Alex Anderson 1
George Bertram 1
Joseph R Blythe 17 11 4 2 1 4 3 1 1 2 3 6 2 3 3
David Bond 1 1
A Brown 4
William Bruce 2 2 1 3 2
Frank Bryson 13 20 1 5 7 2 2
Peter Burke 3 1
Harry Campbell 3 3 2 1 1 5 2 1 1
Johnny Campbell 3 5 4 2 1 1 4 7
John Clasper 10 2 2 1 4 1 2
John Crombie 1
T Currie 10 3 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1
Joseph Dryden 1 2 1 1
Albert Errington 1 1 2
William Hay 1
William Hodgson 6 2 1 4 2
J Hogg 1
William Hush 1
William Ions 10 1 2 1 1 1 2 2 1
David Johnston 1 1
Joseph Johnston 2 2 2 1 1 3 1 2
James R Johnstone 6 1 5 2
J Kidd 1
J Lumsden 1
William Makins 1
Murdoch McAskill 1 1
Allan Middlemass 6 2 1 6 2
George Moon 1
Robert Morrison 1
Charles Palmer 2
Henry Patterson 3 1 2
Richard Patterson 1 1
Charlie Pearson 1 1
Tommy Pearson 7 4 1 2
William Purves 3 1 1 1 2
William Robson 3 1 1 1
William Rule 1
Danny Rutherford 1 1
Alex Sharp 14 4 4 1 5 2 1 2 4 3 1
James Sharp 1
Jack Shiel 3 2
H Smith 3 1
Alex Spence 4 1 1
Jack Tait 1
Stewart Torrie 1 2 1 1 4
Fred Trowbridge 1
Sydney Urwin 2 2 1
Leslie Walker 1
William Watson 1 3
George Waugh 1
Robert Waugh 11 10 2 4 1 1 1 2
A Wells 2 1
Andrew (Alla) Wilson 17 4 4 1 5 1 2 6 3
Willie Yourston 18 4 1 5 2 6 4
own goal 1 1 1
Number of players used: 56

The newly appointed committee made an early start to the new season and several players were signed before mid-July. Johnny Campbell, now secretary, signed on again but stated that he would not play unless the committee was absolutely stuck. He would only be able to play home games and thought that the situation would be unfair to other players.

A new pavilion was under construction at Shielfield Park and was on course to be completed in time for the opening East of Scotland League fixture.


13. To open the season, Berwick Rangers played Berwick Hibs in a friendly on August 13th. Rangers were outplayed in the last quarter and defeated by four goals to three. The team showed considerable changes from last season and from the outset it was obvious that their forward line was the weakest point. The outstanding player on the park was Alex Sharp, as centre half. He had previously played for Ayr United and it was obvious throughout the game that he was in a class of his own; his footwork, placing of the ball, and his tackling were far superior to the others. In the first half, Watson put Rangers ahead within the opening minute. Vier then equalised before Watson scored another. However, before the interval Veir levelled again. In the second half, H. Campbell gave Hibs the lead following a mistake by Yourston, and later the same player put them two-goals clear. Near to the close, Purvis struck the crossbar and Watson ran in to complete his hat trick with the rebound.

20. Berwick Rangers travelled to Galashiels without Yourston for their opening East of Scotland League fixture. Yourston telephoned the club to say he would arrive on a later bus as his usual bus to Berwick from his work in Belford had broken down. He arrived a few minutes after the team bus had left, with Willie Hush, ex-Scremerston, travelling in his place. Johnny Campbell's self-imposed restrictions were thrown out of the window with his inclusion in the team to bolster the weak forward line. Gala opened with a strong attack and the Berwick goal had a lucky escape when Tilbrook's fine centre caused havoc. Hush saved well from Hughes before a well-worked move down the left saw Stewart elude the defence before driving his shot into the net. Rangers tried hard to wipe out the lead, but found the home defence solid; however, their persistence paid off when J. Campbell found a way through to level matters. Gala replied with a series of attacks with Quinn, Tilbrook and Stewart all going close before Stewart scored with a long bouncing shot which totally deceived Hush. The home side did not hold the lead for long as Berwick returned the attack and J. Campbell scored again a few minutes from the interval. The second half had a sensational opening; Hughes played a fine centre to Stewart, who drove the ball home with a first-time volley. Gala continued to attack, but Berwick broke away and a penalty was awarded from which J. Campbell put the game level for a third time. Rangers defended strongly afterwards but could not prevent a superb effort from Stewart putting the Fairydean back the lead, which this time they held until the finish.

27. Berwick Rangers and Coldstream gave a poor display in a game more described as end of rather than start of season football. It took until the last quarter of the opening half before anything of real interest was noted. Sharp gave a good forward pass to J. Campbell, but the centre's final effort proved feeble. Mitchell in the home goal was applauded for clearing shots from Blythe and H. Campbell. Another golden opportunity was presented to J. Campbell, but again his final effort was weak. H. Campbell was putting in a good shift and a shot from him struck the crossbar before he had the satisfaction of opening the scoring on 38 minutes after he tricked the home defenders. A few minutes later, J. Campbell shot just wide of the post. It was just not Campbell's day. Just before half time, Yourston pulled off a splendid save to deny Bryson's goal-bound header. The second half opened quietly with play being confined to midfield for a considerable time. On the hour mark, Coldstream had the ball in the net after Smart beat Yourston with a shot from the corner of the 18-yard box, but the goal was disallowed as the referee had blown for an offside infringement by Bryson just as Smart had kicked the ball. A period of pressure in front of the Berwick goal gave Coldstream the equaliser with twenty minutes remaining. A perfect centre by Johnston found Bryson just in the right position and he made no mistake with his parting shot. Both sides upped their game with both goals visited in turn. The remainder of the game was played in a fashion more closely to the standard expected from these teams, but no further scoring took place.


3. Rangers met Selkirk in the opening round of the East of Scotland Qualifying Cup at Shielfield Park. A wind, almost reaching gale force, swept the pitch from goal to goal, preventing wing passes but assisting the defences. Had the match ended a draw rather than a 2-1 win for the Rangers, it would have been more fitting, as Selkirk mastered the conditions best. The visitors won the toss and naturally set Berwick to play against the wind. Rangers were penned into their own half but Selkirk, for some reason, kept the ball near the centre line and made very few attacking moves. Rangers were defending well and opened the scoring against the run of play when Yourston played the ball out to Johnston on the wing; he moved to the centre but was harassed by the defence; after three strong tackles, he tried a shot; Morgan anticipated it coming across the goal from Johnston's left foot, but the wind glided the ball in short and close to the upright. Selkirk equalised about five minutes later. A corner from the left saw Turnbull unmarked at the back post and Yourston had no chance of saving his shot. In the second half, Rangers certainly had more of the play, although Selkirk were more often in the Berwick half than Berwick were in Selkirk's during the first half. A penalty awarded against Buckham for handling resulted in Blythe scoring the winning goal with a shot straight to the keeper, but Morgan could not cope with the power and it rolled into the net.

10. It was mainly through the defence that Rangers progressed to the second round of the Scottish Qualifying Cup at Pinkhill. All over, it was a case of defence better than attack with J. Campbell clinching matters with a couple of goals after Gray had opened the scoring for Murrayfield. After taking the lead, Murrayfield looked like winning, but lapses by their defence proved fatal. Although set to face a stiff wind, Berwick were early into their stride and the home goal had several narrow escapes in the opening minutes. Following an unsuccessful penalty, Blythe brought Hall into action with a hard shot and H. Campbell almost scored. Murrayfield made progress and Pearson caused Yourston some concern with a deceptive ball and Munro followed up with a well-taken free kick for the keeper to hold. At the other end, J. Campbell was a constant menace to the home defence and Hall did well to frustrate him on several occasions. At times, the home forwards put the Berwick defence under severe pressure, but their weakness in finishing let them down. After a goalless first half, it was Murrayfield who opened brightest and within a couple of minutes were a goal ahead. Munro split the Berwick defence with a long pass to the right, Dougal helped it on its way and Gray placed it beyond Yourston's reach. Rangers were swift with their reply and another two minutes found the sides level. J. Campbell headed goalward and Hall, after having the ball seemingly safe in his hands, allowed it to slip into the net. Rangers kept pressing and J. Campbell forced his way through for a second goal following smart play by Purves and Johnston. The home side rallied late on. Fraser had a try that Yourston turned for a corner, while Pearson lobbed a ball narrowly over and the Berwick defence had to work hard until the end.

15. Following the official opening of their new pavilion, Berwick Rangers played Coldstream in a friendly. Coldstream were not at full strength, while Rangers were minus J. Campbell, whose place was taken by his brother, and Morrison took over at inside-right. The first half was an evenly contested affair, but after the interval Coldstream were seldom in the picture and Berwick had matters pretty much their own way. Coldstream took the lead when Bryson forced his way through the defence before beating Yourston with a 15-yard drive. Rangers upped their game with Purves making some fine runs down the right from which he forced a corner. Purves took the flag kick and his shot glanced into the net off a defender to level the score. Up until the interval the game was played end-to-end. Rangers took command after the change of ends and Coldstream never looked like scoring again. A penalty was awarded for the home team for hands, but Blythe's shot hit the bar and went over. However, a few minutes later, H. Campbell broke through on his own to put Berwick ahead with a well-taken shot and, midway through the half, Sharp completed the scoring with a thunderous 30-yard drive.

17. Berwick Rangers ran riot against the Civil Service Strollers, who had been unbeaten in so far this season, in the second round of the ESFA Qualifying Cup. Rangers introduced Torrie, an Edinburgh based player, at outside right and he made an instant impact. Rangers took the lead after just five minutes. Torrie worked the ball down the wing and crossed for Blythe to shoot, but the ball was deflected to Johnston and he made no mistake with a rising shot into the roof of the net. After the Strollers had forced a corner against Wilson, Rangers returned to the attack and J. Campbell missed narrowly with a header. Later, Blythe, H. Campbell and Johnston tried occasional shots, which Adams was lucky to clear. The second goal came from a long pass upfield by Hodgson. J. Campbell managed to slip through the defence and, wisely, instead of passing to Johnston, who was offside, he took the ball close in and tricked the advancing keeper. Shortly after, Sharp delivered a shot with a bit of punch behind it and Adams dropped it. It seemed as if the ball had crossed the line, but the referee did not listen to the appeals for a goal. Yourston was called upon to save on very few occasions, so well was he covered by the defence. The nearest the Strollers came to scoring was when a free kick was awarded to them 40 yards out and Glass sent in a fierce shot which Yourston fisted over. At the start of the second half, the Strollers took up the running; however, Wilson was in great form and they failed to get past him. On 50 minutes, Rangers scored a surprise goal. Blythe started the move and played the ball to Torrie who, from a difficult angle, Torrie struck the inside of the far post before entering the net. The visitors tried hard to reduce the lead, but the home halves had command of the game. Torrie was again prominent with a nice run and J. Campbell had hard luck when he sent over the bar from a superb Torrie pass. Torrie scored Rangers' fourth shortly after following a good passing move by the Campbell brothers. H. Campbell scored the fifth with a speculative long-range shot which the keeper stopped but allowed to drop from his grasp and over the line.

24. The winning margin of three goals to one did not by any means flatter Berwick in the second round of the SFA Qualifying Cup at Leith Amateurs. By the end of the second half, they had established such superiority that the game had developed into a shooting practice. Despite this, it was blunders by Ingram that gave Rangers their first two goals. Berwick showed one change from the team that accounted for Murrayfield Amateurs in the previous round, Torrie taking the place of Purves on the right wing. Leith were considerably under strength due to McDonald and Fowler missing from their defence. The Berwick goal had several narrow escapes in the opening minutes. First Robson let Haywood through for a try that came from to narrow an angle to do any damage, and then Ferguson had a fine shot well saved by Yourston. The Amateurs, however, continued to look the more likely side to score and the Berwick defence had to work hard to keep them out. After 20 minutes' play the home side took the lead through Haywood. Rangers got a foothold in the game, but luck was against them when shots from J. Campbell and Blythe were blocked. Ingram's goal was under siege at this stage and McKay came to the rescue with a timely clearance on the line when the equaliser seemed a certainty. Close on the interval, J. Campbell almost levelled with a header, but Ingram just got his fingertips to it. Berwick kicked off the second half in a business-like fashion and within five minutes they were on level terms when Johnston hit a long shot from the wing that found its way into the net with Ingram being deceived by the flight of the ball. Rangers now took a good deal of stopping. Ingram was called into action to deny H. Campbell and Blythe, but he had to pick the ball from the net shortly after when a shot from J. Campbell beat him. Although mostly on the defensive, Leith were always good for an occasional raid. Ferguson, Haywood and Wilson were usually the prime movers and Haywood went close with a header after Ritchie had struck the bar. Still, Berwick were the better moving side, and were well worth the third goal that came their way with fifteen minutes remaining, Blythe being the marksman from 18 yards out. Rangers were now in control, but some stubborn defending kept them from adding to the score.


1. Berwick Rangers proved too good for visiting Coldstream as they gave a stylish display in the opening round of the Border Cup. The early exchanges were a little bit dull, but towards half time the game livened up. Johnny Campbell did not feature for Berwick due to not been match fit, his place in the centre was taken by Torrie with Purves for the latter. Sharp returned to the half-back line in place of Palmer. Coldstream started with ground advantage and Johnston gave Yourston an early test. Torrie and Blythe were prominent as Berwick began to press, but Mole and Swan were equal in defence. After 20 minutes' play, the opening goal came when the ball fell kindly for Blythe to hit first time; Mitchell anticipated the ball well, but it struck Swan and was deflected just out of the keeper's reach. However, within two minutes Coldstream were level when Bryson, after side-stepping the defence, shot past Yourston from three yards out. The teams were not level for long. Rangers took up the running and won a free kick on the edge of the box. Hodgson took the kick and Blythe nodded it calmly into the net. A few minutes later, Sharp placed the ball into the goalmouth with a long pass. Mitchell came out to clear but misjudged the flight of the ball and it fell behind him; both Blythe and Torrie ran in, but got in each other's way, and it remained a mystery how the ball did not cross the line. Rangers continued to hold the upper hand and increased the lead when Johnston scored with well-struck shot just before the interval. Berwick kept up the pressure on the restart and Mitchell was applauded on more than one occasion for good saves. For fully ten minutes, Rangers were never out of the Coldstream half. Sharp opened up the game with his long passes. From one such pass, Mitchell had just stopped the ball and in the process of picking it up when Torrie, standing in close attention, beat him to it to put Berwick three goals clear. Coldstream began to gain the upper hand at this point, and it came as no surprise when Bryson pulled a goal back after receiving a well-placed pass from Smart, but it was too little too late.

8. Entry to the Scottish Cup proper was still undecided at the end of the third-round qualifying match between Berwick Rangers and Peebles Rovers at Shielfield Park. Though it rained heavily throughout the afternoon, it was a good game played in typical cup-tie fashion. During the first twenty minutes, Peebles had the better of the game and as expected scored first when in an almighty goalmouth scramble, Dodds managed to get his foot to the ball; Yourston saved but the greasy ball slipped from his grasp and slithered over the line after seven minutes. Both defences were on top for most of the half with few clear-cut chances being created. However, on the half-hour mark Rangers drew level. Sharp sent over a cross which J. Campbell got his head to; Scott, the keeper, was hindered by the proximity of Stevens in front of him and the ball cleared them both on its way into the net. Play livened up considerably after this bit of luck for the Rangers. They played with much more determination and at the interval there was little between the teams. Berwick took up the running at the start of the second half. Two early corners were won, and from one Blythe headed narrowly over. Gill made a timely clearance from H. Campbell, while at the other end, Yourston just managed to fist over a fast drive from Hamilton. However, it was the Rangers who took the lead. Blythe tricked a defender and played the ball to H. Campbell, who kicked it past Gill and J. Campbell, running forward, scored with one of his characteristic left-footed shots. Rangers then seemed to slacken their pace. Peebles came more into the game and Yourston was called upon to clear several times. Twelve minutes from the end, Peebles got what they deserved when Dodds slipped through the defence and his low shot struck the upright before entering the net. Succeeding play was in favour of the Rangers, but they could not get the ball past Scott and a replay to decide who progressed was required.

15. Such was the enthusiasm over the replay, The LNER ran an excursion to Peebles. The train travelled from Berwick via Tweedmouth and Kelso at 11.45am to arrive at Peebles in plenty of time. Over 200 supporters made the journey at a cost of 4s 6d each. Berwick ended the match with only nine men, one was carried off injured and the other sent off, yet they still managed a draw. Peebles showed their speed in the opening stages and had Berwick under pressure. However, they were caught with on the counterattack when, from Yourston's quick clearance, Sharp got the ball and kicked a long, high shot well up the field to Campbell, who gave Scott no chance with a left-footed shot. Peebles swept up the field again and Yourston was twice called into action to keep the home side out. First one goal and then the other was visited, but it must be said that Berwick were serving up the better football and fully deserved their lead. In fact, when another goal came it was not really a surprise on the run of play. Again, Campbell was the scorer when he got onto the end of Smith's cross and scored with a smart touch. Campbell had several more attempts on goal, but he was now being carefully watched and the first half ended with Rangers two goals in the lead. The second half opened with a surprise. Rangers were caught sleeping when Somerville sent in a fine cross and Waterson netted from close range. With Peebles now back in the game, end-to-end football became the norm. Torrie gave Scott a hard shot to save before Makins broke though and blazed a shot just over the bar. Torrie again went close when he hit the foot of the Peebles post with a terrific shot and Stevens hit the crossbar of the Berwick goal a few minutes later. Peebles levelled matters when Dodds hit the ball home following a corner. Worse was to follow for Berwick when Campbell was injured and had to leave the field. With a man missing from the forward line, Rangers were forced on the defensive. Shortly after, an infringement by Sharp saw him exchange views with the referee, who promptly sent him off and for the last ten minutes Berwick defended stubbornly. In the last minute, Peebles thought they had scored the winner when Dodds connected with a well-placed pass, but he was rightly ruled offside and a second replay was required to separate the teams.

22. Berwick Rangers beat Peebles Rovers at the third time of asking in front of a crowd numbering into the thousands at Shielfield Park. In many ways, it was a repeat of the previous week with Rangers taking an early lead, but this time they managed to hold onto it. Both teams showed changes. Scott, the Peebles keeper, was unable to play due to a hand injury and his place was taken by Hope, while White replaced Somerville in their forward line. Berwick brought in two new players with Ions replacing Hogg and Currie for Makins. Hodgson replaced Pearson in defence and Harry Campbell took his brothers place in attack. Rangers were sent to play upfield and against a stiff breeze. Torrie threatened Hope form the kick-off and the corner gained was cleared. Following a strong clearance by Wilson, Sharp gained possession and sent in a rising shot. Hope could only fist the ball into the air; Campbell caught it coming down and scored. Peebles took no chances after this early setback and kept the ball well down the field. The visitors tried some long shots, but they were no use against Yourston, who gave a masterly display of goalkeeping. Peebles kept up the pressure for some time and Berwick worked hard to clear their lines with Wilson, Ions and Currie combining well. Campbell broke through just before half time but shot wide with only the keeper to beat. Peebles started the second half on the attack but were soon forced into defensive action when Rangers secured four corners in quick succession. During a Peebles attack, Stevens was injured and carried off the field. He did not return for some time and when he did, he was merely a passenger. Rangers increased their lead on the hour when Smith's shot was part stopped by the keeper and following a scrimmage in the goalmouth a goal was given, though hotly contested by the Peebles defence. Berwick attacked for the remainder of the game. Blythe put the ball in the net, but the goal was disallowed as Campbell had fouled a defender. However, Campbell made amends a few minutes later when the visitors stopped playing to claim for an infringement, giving Campbell all the time in the world to pick his spot. In the last few minutes, Berwick eased off considerably, so much so that the injured Stevens managed to slip through and notch a consolation goal for Peebles.

29. Berwick Rangers exited the Scottish Qualifying Cup at the fourth-round stage when they met Penicuik Athletic at Shielfield Park. The visitors were on top throughout and it was thanks to Yourston in goal that there was only a goal between the sides at the end. Rangers were unconvincing in front of goal and were caught out with a 20th minute counterattack when Ramage got forward and slipped the ball past Yourston. Penicuik continued to attack and just on half time Yourston stopped a terrific shot by Sclater. With only a goal lead for Penicuik at the interval, the home supporters were quite optimistic that Rangers could get a result, but play proved otherwise. Smith had a good chance of equalising for Berwick when he received from Sharp close in, but he passed to Currie and Robb saved confidently. The visitors were reduced to ten men when King collided with Yourston and after treatment did not return to the field. Ramage sent in another shot which was smartly cleared by Yourston. A minute later, Blythe sent in a shot which just missed its mark. Harry Campbell was leading the attack but was allowed little scope by the Penicuik defence. Campbell did manage to get in a stinging shot which Robb managed to clear with difficulty. Ramage got away again after a race with Middlemass but sent over the bar; he was not to be outdone, however, and not long after he left Yourston helpless with a low shot which slithered just out of the keeper's reach. Two goals down, play became dull and Rangers looked to have accepted their fate. However, four minutes from the end, Blythe got the ball and sent in a shot which left Robb helpless as it sailed into the top corner of the net. It was by far the best goal of the game. With renewed optimism, the remaining minutes were Rangers' best; It looked like they might equalise when Campbell had a good chance that went narrowly wide. In a melee that followed, Sharp got the ball and with a terrific shot hit the upright. That was Berwick's last chance and having let it slip they had to admit defeat.


5. Berwick's team showed changes for the League encounter against Selkirk at Shielfield Park. Paddy Burke of Leith, who had been playing for Edinburgh Hibs, came in at left half in place of Ions, who moved to inside right, and Robert Waugh, of Alnwick, played his first game for the Rangers, playing at outside right. Rangers kicked off with the strong sun at their backs. Campbell showed skill when he beat three defenders, but his finishing was weak. Waugh and Ions combined well with a quick one-two from which the former was unlucky not to score. A misunderstanding between Wilson and Sharp almost let Gordon through, but Middlemass cleared. Burke then sent in a strong shot which skimmed the bar. It was only a matter of time until Rangers scored as they continued to press and it came when Waugh passed into the centre, G. Johnston miskicked, and although Ions might have taken it, he left the ball for Campbell to score. Waugh and Ions figured in another good move which almost ended in a goal. Berwick should have been three or four goals up at this point but had to settle for a two-goal lead at the interval after Currie scored a brilliant goal following a long pass by Sharp. Ions and Burke swapped places at the start of the second half. Rangers continued to press with Campbell heading inches wide and Burke, Currie and Blythe all going close. Campbell was fouled going through and a free kick was given. The same thing happened a minute later, but this time it was in the box and a penalty was given from which Blythe scored. Waugh was then brought down by Buchan and another penalty was given; he took the kick himself and although Morgan stopped the first shot, he failed to hold it and Waugh ran in to score. There was a lull in interest at this point and Selkirk pulled a goal back through Gordon. However, normal service quickly resumed when, from Sharp's short pass, Ions placed to Curries feet; Currie crossed to Campbell who missed the ball, but Burke touched it forward for Currie to put past Morgan. Even the home supporters disagreed with the referee when he awarded Berwick another spot kick. It was obviously a mistake, but Sharp scored all the same. Darkness had set in before the game had finished and two minutes from the end Campbell broke through the Selkirk defence to complete the scoring with a seventh.

12. Rangers gained two points against Vale of Leithen with a relatively poor performance. During the first half the visitors did more than hold their own; they outpaced Berwick and it was only a fine performance by Wilson in defence and poor finishing that kept the Vale from scoring. In the second half, however, Rangers upped their game and, after a fine display by the forward line, Berwick were worth their win. Berwick's opening goal came from a corner by Currie. The ball landed inside the six-yard box and a short, sharp scrimmage ended with Blythe kicking it into the net. Against the run of play, Rangers scored a second when Currie won the ball on the edge of the box and, after a clever piece of football, he cut into the centre to score. The second half had a sensational opening with two goals in two minutes. Waugh netted for Berwick from the kick-off. Then, immediately from the centre kick, Blain caught Rangers napping and scored for the visitors. Blain was seen with the ball. Neither Wilson or Middlemass moved and Blain kick the ball goalward. The ball was about four feet off the ground and Yourston should have got it, but he never lifted an arm and a few seconds elapsed before the spectators realised it was a goal. Rangers upped their game after this lapse and Robinson, the Vale keeper, was the star performer; he was more than once applauded for stopping Berwick from extending the lead with some top-class saves.

19. In a remarkable game at Jedburgh, Rangers were two goals up against the Artisans in little more than five minutes from the start. The Artisans looked outclassed and in for a heavy defeat, but they fought back and were on level terms at the break. Berwick forced a corner right from the start; Waugh took the kick and Gallagher cleared at the expense of another flag kick from which Wilson scored. Rangers attacked again and went two goals up when Anderson beat the keeper with a close-range shot. The home side reduced the lead a minute later, however, when the ball was cleared by the Berwick defence, but only as far as Gallagher, who hit the ball home with a 30-yard shot. End-to-end play followed. Anderson brought off a good save from Blythe and was lucky when a 20-yarder from Ions had him beaten but cleared the post. In another raid, Waugh crossed to Wilson, who lost a good chance by holding on too long. Berwick now had more of the play and again Anderson saved the day when he managed to steer a shot from Wilson just past the post. The Artisans rearranged their forward line, and it made a distinct difference and Rangers were given an anxious time. Wilson and Gallagher were prominent in the attack and the latter gave Yourston a hand warmer. McMillan then sent in a good shot which Yourston just managed to clear. The persistent pressure began to tell. Yourston saved from well from Gallagher, but the ball went out to Ferguson who, with a 20-yarder, scored the goal of the half. Early in the second half, Berwick retook the lead through Blythe. The Artisans made a strong reply and Reilly netted, but the goal was disallowed for offside. Yourston had to make a fine save to deny Gallagher from a free kick before the Artisans were reduced to ten men when Lumsden went off with a knee injury. With the extra man, Berwick came back into picture. Slack defending in the Jed goalmouth allowed Wilson to put Rangers further ahead and before the close Waugh put the points beyond doubt with a fifth.

26. At a wind-swept Home Park, Chirnside, Rangers held a two-goal lead, but had to share the points when United notched two goals to force a draw. The unsettled weather, with a blistering wind, spoilt any promising moves throughout the game. Chirnside had the wind behind them in the opening half but did not take full advantage. Berwick opened with the bulk of the pressure and within two minutes Johnny Campbell, back in team from injury, missed a sitter. The home defence was kept under pressure, but Berwick's finishing was weak. Campbell was not at his best and missed one or two good chances. Yourston's brilliant goalkeeping at the other end kept the Berwick goal intact and it came as no surprise when the first half ended goalless. Rangers now had the wind advantage, and it did not take them long to open the scoring. Five minutes from the restart, Rangers forced a corner; Waugh sent over a fine cross which Campbell met with his head to score. The very next minute, Yourston was called into action to stop a shot from Weddell, which he held, but was knocked to the ground in the process. With about six players on top of him he struggled to clear for a while, but eventually he freed himself of his opponents and cleared the danger. Berwick's second goal was a replica of the first. A corner was swung across by Waugh and Campbell's head finished the flight of the ball into the net. Two goals ahead, it seemed like a commanding lead for the Rangers to hold with the wind advantage they had. However, Chirnside were undaunted and made some neat runs. Offside nullified several of their attempts until Dougal got forward and scored from close range. Chirnside continued to press and were well worth their second goal which Weddell scored. As the game continued, both defences stood their ground, and the game ended all square.


3. Berwick Rangers gained revenge for their SFA Qualifying Cup defeat at the hands of Penicuik Athletic a few weeks back with a well-deserved 5-3 win in semi-final of the East of Scotland equivalent. At the interval, Penicuik held a three-goal lead, but a brilliant second half fight back saw Berwick gain victory. Penicuik had the bulk of the early pressure and opened the scoring on 15 minutes when Wilson sent in a low shot which Yourston failed to reach. The visitors increased their lead when an easy shot from Henderson was stopped by Yourston, but the slippery ball fell from his grasp; Errington and Ramage both made for the ball, but the Penicuik player got there first and promptly netted. Rangers seemed unable to do anything right and further ill-luck dogged them when Ramage scored a third goal for his side in much the same manner as the second. Not long after, Ramage sent in a shot which Yourston stopped at the foot of the post, whilst at the other end Robb brought off an equally fine save a little later when Sharp sent in a high shot which was stopped on the crossbar. Rangers came into their own late in the half, forcing two quick corners as they harassed the Penicuik defence, and the visitors were lucky to hold such a commanding lead at the interval. From the restart, Rangers showed a fighting spirit. Campbell was not long in breaking through the Penicuik defence and although he was stopped in his tracks, he double backed to send the ball just over the bar. Berwick opened their account on the hour mark when a long shot from midfield struck Selkirk on the arm; a penalty was given, and Blythe made no mistake from the spot. Within a minute a second goal came. Currie sent in a fine cross which Campbell could have intercepted, but instead he left it for the in-running Waugh, who blasted the ball past Robb. Waugh was unlucky a few minutes later when he hit the post with a ferocious shot after Campbell had played him through. Waugh, however, was the player who levelled the score with a brilliant solo effort. A minute later, Currie gave Berwick the lead much to the delight of the crowd, who invaded the pitch. Penicuik were left dumbfounded with such rapid scoring. In a later raid, Campbell received the ball in front of a crowded goal and promptly netted a fifth. Penicuik attacked in the closing stages and although Ramage hit the crossbar in the final minute they were otherwise a spent force.

10. Over 2000 spectators witnessed the final of the East of Scotland Qualifying Cup against Murrayfield Amateurs at Hawthorn Park, Duns. The match was a subdued affair, but Rangers deserved their win. The afternoon was marred by the occasional downpour and the pitch, which was in a poor state before kick-off, deteriorated further. Both goalmouths had been laid with sawdust and straw and around the playing surface parts which had been a variable quagmire were improved to some extent by the laying of cinders. Rangers showed some changes to the team which beat Penicuik in the semi-final. Errington was replaced by Johnston; Casper was in the half back line; Wilson returned to his customary full back position and Burke was an absentee, his position being taken by Anderson. Fraser broke through on goal in the first minute with only Yourston to beat but was stopped in his tracks by the whistle for offside. Curry did likewise for Berwick, but he was stopped by McKinnon at the expense of a corner. Henderson was next in a foray up the field for the Amateurs. The trend of play in this period was first one goal and then the next with poor finishing by both sets of forwards. Towards the end of the half, Berwick came more into their own and were unlucky not to score on several occasions. Campbell missed an open goal from a few yards out when he blazed the ball over the crossbar. Anderson looked like getting on the scoresheet, but his run was stopped by McKinnon. Hall stopped a Campbell shot at the foot of the post and fumbled, but the danger was eventually cleared. Just before half time, Currie saw his shot enter the net, but the strike was ruled out for offside. Six minutes into the second half, Rangers opened the scoring. Waugh was credited with the goal although Hall knocked the ball into the net himself. From a quick break, Waugh's thunderous shot sent Hall to his knees; the keeper smothered the ball but in trying to raise himself his arm struck the ball and it rolled into the net. Rangers, instead of going all out after this lucky turn of events, fell back and allowed Murrayfield to dictate play. Fortunately, the Murrayfield forwards could not beat Yourston and 12 minutes from time Rangers put the Cup's destination beyond doubt. Currie sent to Campbell, who was quickly surrounded; however, with a defence-splitting pass, he managed to find Waugh, and standing just five yards from goal he unleashed a shot which nearly broke the netting. In the closing minutes, Waugh was unlucky not to add to his tally as Rangers continued to press until the end.

17. In a farcical game, due to a gale force wind at Shielfield Park, Rangers beat Coldstream 7-0. Often, the defenders against the wind would see their clearances reversed over the goalposts. Almost every corner kick went yards behind the goal. At the last minute, Rangers had to find three players to fill the places of Charlton, Sharp and Morrison, two of whom were Berwick Hibs players who were selected but preferred to play for their own team. Shiel of Spittal Rovers was brought in at full-back; Bond, a Berwick Cricket professional, took the centre forward position, and George Waugh, brother of Robert, came in at centre half. Five minutes into the game, Rangers took the lead when Blythe converted from the penalty spot after Anderson had been brought down by Swan. Berwick might have made more of their opportunities with such a gale in their support; instead of shooting they played a short-passing game, and their attacks were easily broken up. Shiel showed the way with a long shot from the halfway line which went close, after which Rangers changed tactics. It was 2-0 after 27 minutes, when Casper received a cross from Bond and tricked Romanes before shooting well out of Mitchell's reach. Three minutes later, Bond headed the ball past Mitchell after neat work by Anderson and R. Waugh had created the opening. Another goal came within two minutes when R. Waugh scored from the wing and, not long after, the same player beat Mitchell with a close-range effort. Coldstream had their only attack of the half when Yourston brought off a fine save to deny Johnston. Anderson finished off the first half scoring with a fine shot to make it six without reply at the interval. As was to be expected, Coldstream had nearly all the play in the second half. Kerse sent narrowly over before Rangers forced a corner. Berwick were doing more against the wind than Coldstream had done. Yourston saved a corner kick from Johnston and cleared well from the ever-waiting Bryson. Blythe centred from the wing and Mitchell had to clear Swan's backward header. Bond broke away and passed for Blythe to set up Currie with a shot which went close. Mole drove a hard shot from a free kick, but Yourston brought off a tremendous save to deny him. However, with time running out, Blythe, Currie and R. Waugh combined well down the left to pave the way for Anderson to complete the scoring with goal number seven.

24. Berwick Rangers claimed another two points with 4-3 win against Duns at Hawthorn Park. Berwick received a boost before the game with the signing of forward Frank Bryson from Coldstream. Duns attacked from the start and Yourston was the first keeper called into action, but he dealt safely with long shot from Watson. However, Rangers took the lead against the run of play when Currie sent in a powerful shot; Swan saved but fumbled the ball out and Bryson reacted first to put the loose ball in the back of the net. The lead did not last long as Watson drew Duns level a few minutes later when he beat Yourston with a close-range header. Duns pressed thereafter and missed more than a few chances as the game was played hard and fast. A long-range shot from Jefferson put the home side in front before the Duns goal had a lucky escape just before the interval. Bryson was fouled just inside the penalty box as he ran in on goal, but his shot from the spot cleared the crossbar. In the first minute of the second half, Whitelaw put Duns further ahead and the points looked safe for the home side. However, their play slackened off considerably and Rangers came more into the game. Wilson reduced the leeway after Swan left his goal to clear and missed the ball, leaving an empty net. Shortly after, a misunderstanding between Wood and Swan allowed Waugh to equalise with an easy shot. Berwick were now well on top, and it looked only a matter of time until they took the lead. With time fast running out, Waugh seized onto another defensive blunder and scored with a low shot to take both points by the odd goal in seven.

26. Berwick Rangers were to have played Newcastle United Reserves at Shielfield Park in a Boxing Day friendly fixture, but the North Eastern League team was unable to travel. However, Rangers managed to arrange a game with a team chosen from players in the Berwickshire Amateur League. For a holiday fixture it was an entertaining game. Rangers had a relatively comfortable win, but the Berwickshire players pulled their weight. The proceeds from the large crowd resulted in the five clubs who had players playing having equal proportion of the half gate, the other half going to the Rangers. Berwick opened the scoring on 15 minutes when Blythe netted. Their opponents, however, were undaunted and they were soon on level terms when Dryden sent in a shot which Yourston had little chance in saving. The respective defences were on top for the remainder of the half. Cox had more work to do than Yourston, but all efforts by the Rangers to take the lead were foiled by Lough and Turnbull. Play at the beginning of the second half was somewhat like the end of the first and it was quite some time before further goals came. Bryson was next to score when he received the ball close in, and left Cox rooted to the spot. Rangers increased their lead when Ions scored a nice goal with a long-range effort. Shortly after, Cox was accidentally knocked unconscious. Fortunately, he soon recovered and was able to play on. Cox had left his goal to try and take the ball from Bryson's feet, but collided with him and the Rangers play, unable to stop his run, fell heavily onto the keeper. The game was held up for about five minutes until Cox recovered. Rangers continued to press and, in a melee in front of Cox's goal, Blythe netted Berwick's fourth of the afternoon.

31. Berwick Rangers did not look anything like Scottish League hopefuls when they met Queen's Park Hampden XI in a holiday Monday fixture and were beaten by the odd goal in eleven. Berwick were extremely fortunate to escape so lightly. Within the first 20 minutes the Glasgow team had four goals to their credit, and looked like getting even more, but Rangers fought back and reduced the deficit by three before the interval. Slater opened the scoring for the visitors after just five minutes' play. Yourston saved well against Brown but did not look confident in front of goal. McFarlane put Queen's Park further ahead, and although his shot seemed over the line, Slater made certain by slamming the ball into the back of the net. Berwick had a brief spell in the visitor's half before Brown scored their third and the fourth was not long in coming. Brown sent over a neat cross to the unmarked Burrell, whose shot hit the upright before rebounding out of Yourston's reach. These rapid goals left the home supporters perplexed, but better things were to follow. Berwick were awarded a penalty for hands which Blythe dispatched into the roof of the net. Currie went through on his own after beating several defenders, but his parting shot was well saved by the keeper. Currie got his reward a few minutes later with a similar run, his shot this time hitting the post before deflecting into the net. The first half was near ending when Blythe sent over a long cross which Bryson trapped neatly before dispatching the ball into the net. Rangers, who were now playing downhill, looked confident on the restart and within six minutes they were level when Anderson headed home from Currie's pinpoint cross. Queen's Park had not slackened off to any appreciable extent, but their defence was rather weak compared with the rest of the team. It was now a very even game. Rangers took the lead with a hotly disputed goal. Waugh sent in a low shot which Tennant fumbled and certainly pulled the ball back a foot or so, but the referee, who was standing nearer the halfway line than the 18-yard box, had no hesitation in awarding a goal despite strong claims by the visiting players. Queen's Park were rather rattled by this and pressed hard in the closing minutes to score twice more through Brown and McFarlane.


2. Berwick Rangers gained a brace of points when they defeated Duns 3-2 at Shielfield Park on January 2nd. The game, which was spoilt by a high wind, was a scrappy affair with the teams evenly matched. A draw would have been a fair refection of the game. In the first half, Duns kicked with the wind and were leading by the only goal scored at the interval. In the second half, Berwick did not play as well as in the first, though they did manage to win. Yourston was called upon several times early in the game as Duns pressed and was fortunate to get in the way of a point-blank drive by Watson. Several good attacks by the Rangers were thwarted by a stubborn Duns defence. Curry hit the bar and Swan saved well from Blythe. However, Midway through the half Cowe scored for Duns. A cross was sent in from the right and Cowe got his head to the ball before Yourston could reach it. Rangers were playing well against the wind and deserved to be on equal terms at the interval. Berwick took some time to settle down in the second half, but it was not long before they equalised when Sharp's shot struck the crossbar and hit Swan in the back before bouncing over the line. A few minutes later, Swan was injured while saving a shot and had to leave the field, his place between the sticks being taken by Murray. From the restart, Bryson received the ball and swivelled smartly on the spot to shoot Rangers into the lead. A minute later Swan returned to the field but was beaten again, this time by Ions, whose shot was deflected into the net by a defender. This completed the scoring as far as Berwick were concerned, but Murray reduced the lead near the finish following a corner. Duns made a determined effort to equalise and might easily have snatched a point in the last minute when Longbone missed a great opportunity with only Yourston to beat.

7. There were changes to both teams for the League encounter at Selkirk. The home side were ravaged by flu and played several junior players who were keen enough but lacked experience. In the Berwick team, Robson from North Sunderland took the place of Shiel. Selkirk kicked off with the wind in their favour, but with only nine men. Douglas sent Ford away, but Wilson easily cleared, and Rangers attacked. A well-timed pass from Anderson sent Waugh away, but Buckham stopped his run. Anderson struck the upright with a fast shot, while at the other end Robertson was brought down when nearly through. Welsh made good saves from Waugh and Bryson. At this stage of the game, Smart and Gibbon took the field and brought the Selkirk team to full strength. Yourston did well to save a fast shot from Smart before Selkirk took the lead when Casper put through his own net when trying to clear a shot by Ford. From a melee in front of the home goal, Bryson levelled the score. Rangers then had a good chance to take the lead when Blythe took a penalty but sent past. However, a few minutes later, Waugh put Rangers in front with a well-worked goal. Selkirk attacked strongly towards the interval, but heavy rain was now falling and there were no more scoring chances. With the wind now in their favour, Rangers were quickly on the attack and Blythe netted from close range. Waugh scored shortly after, following a solo run from midfield, and Casper added another with a long-range shot. Selkirk then had an attacking spell, but Spark shot wide on two occasions and Robertson's shot was blocked by a fellow player with the goal at their mercy. However, Berwick were well on top and before the finish, with a powerful drive from 30 yards out, Sharp added the sixth and final goal of the afternoon. Having not lost a game in nine weeks (excluding the friendly with Queen's Park Hampden Xl on New Year's Eve) and over that period having lost just one League point, Berwick Rangers confirmed that they had been seeking admission to the Scottish Football League in place of Armadale, who had to withdraw due to financial difficulties; however, the application was rejected.

14. Berwick Rangers played St Bernard's in the first round of the East of Scotland Cup at the Gymnasium, Edinburgh. The game was a dress rehearsal for the home side with their upcoming Scottish Cup tie with Partick Thistle the following week and they fielded a full-strength side except for Eadie, who was replaced by Marshall. From the kick-off, the Saints pressed, and Rangers were confined to their own half. However, when Rangers broke, they did so smartly. Sharp was unlucky with a free kick before Berwick took an unexpected lead on seven minutes. Sharp, with a quick forward run, caused a mix-up in the home defence and Waugh took advantage of a partial clearance to put Rangers ahead with a well-placed effort. The Saints quickly realised not to take their opponents lightly and for the next five minutes the ball was seldom far from Yourston. A series of corners were conceded, but Berwick packed their defence well. However, on 15 minutes, Murray hooked in the equaliser after Davidson had hit the crossbar. With half-an-hour gone, Berwick were still level, although well behind on pressure. Weak finishing was hindering the home side. Murray ran clean through but shot against Yourston. It was an easy chance missed and Yourston foiled Murray again a minute later in a similar move. Just before the half-time whistle, Davidson was brought down in the penalty box and from the resultant kick he put the Saints ahead. St Bernard's kept up the pressure on the restart. Twice Yourston won the plaudits of the crowd with cat-like saves to deny Drummond and Murray. Robertson also tested the keeper from well out, but Yourston was equal to the call. Berwick took up the running and Waugh forced a couple of corners, from the first of which Bryson nearly beat Keenan with a clever overhead kick. However, in the next raid the home side extended their lead when Drummond accepted a Marshall cross to score from close range. Less than a minute later, Davidson drove home a fourth goal with a hard left-footed shot. With the game now safe, the Saints sat back, and Blythe tested Keenan. With fifteen minutes remaining, Davidson came close to adding a fifth with a great shot that Yourston tipped over. In the closing stages, with the Saints still taking it easy, Berwick came more into the picture and Bryson had two good attempts on goal, but as it turned out, it was the Saints who scored next through Marshall a minute from time.

21. In a disappointing match at Shielfield Park, Rangers gained two more points when they beat Chirnside United by four clear goals. However, it must be said that Chirnside were understrength with two of their first-choice forwards in J. Johnston and Wilson out injured. The gate was one of the poorest of the season, and the standard of football was on a similar scale. The weather certainly did not help on either matter as the ground was frost-bound. Under the circumstances, mistakes were frequently made, and play became a product of better defence than attack. The first goal came in the 14th minute when Waugh centred; it was just too high for Bryson to get at, but Blythe managed to connect and headed the ball home. After half-an-hour, Chirnside reorganised their front line, but their new combination had little chance to shine and the interval was reached with Rangers a goal up. Berwick went further ahead in the first minute of the second half when Anderson headed a well-placed cross from Blythe out of Kerr's reach. Bryson was unlucky twice when he was in a good position to shoot but could not turn owing to the slippery ground. Dull play continued, but Sharp brightened matters with a strong drive which Kerr did well to turn around the post. Rangers produced another goal from a corner. Curry sent over a rising shot and Blythe headed in his second goal. Two minutes later, Blythe had a chance of his hat trick, but he headed high over the bar. Bryson scored the fourth goal after Sharp had sent through a long pass from which he out-paced the defenders before beating the advancing Kerr. More skilful in defence and making the most of every attacking opportunity, Rangers were much better than their rivals and deserved the points.

28. Berwick Rangers made it through to the final of the Border Cup with a 4-0 win over Duns at Shielfield Park. A slight thaw in the weather made the ground treacherous. The pitch was hard underneath and whenever a player fell, he was in danger of injury. Blythe went down heavily on his back after attempting to head a cross and had to retire. Though the conditions made the game farcical at times, the large number of spectators saw an entertaining game. There was not as much difference between the teams as the scoreline seemed to indicate, but the finishing of the Duns forward line was deplorable to say the least. Cowe, especially, missed three easy chances in the second half. Duns opened brightest and should have taken the lead on five minutes when Ions handled following a corner and a penalty kick was given. Wood, the Duns full-back, came running up the field to take the kick, but he drove the ball along the ground for Yourston to pick up with ease. Rangers livened up after this and tested Swan. The Duns defence played well under pressure, but their goal was somewhat lucky to survive. On 21 minutes the breakthrough finally came when a neat interchange between Patterson and Anderson paved the way for Blythe to send a powerful shot past Swan. The bulk of the attacking was now been done by the Rangers. Swan was making some spectacular clearances and the defence was playing hard. Duns gradually fought their way back into the game and Whitelaw had the chance of a lifetime in scoring an equaliser. The ball was swung over from the left and it landed at his feet; he was unmarked at the back post and had time to steady himself before shooting yet he blazed the ball wide of the goal. Duns kept Berwick on the defensive during the early stages of the second half and Cowe had two chances in as many minutes to beat Yourston. Anderson scored Berwick's second goal when Sharp supplied him with a long pass directly up the centre; it shot past him and Wood; they both made after it, but Anderson managed to get his foot to the ball first and he beat Swan from an acute angle. Duns came back into the picture again and Cowe managed to get the ball into the net, but the score was ruled out for offside. It was at this point that Blythe was injured and had to leave the field. Curry scored a third for the Rangers when his 35-yard drive beat Swan. The keeper had his sights on the ball and was ready to gather, but he slipped at the last moment and two seconds later had to retrieve the ball from the back of the net. With time running out, Anderson scored a fourth. Waugh kicked the ball well forward as he beat Feeney and ran on to shoot, but Anderson got their first and gave Swan little chance. Duns did not deserve to be beaten so heavily, but goals count, and in this respect the Rangers showed their opponents how to score them.


4. Berwick Rangers had difficulty in raising a team for the first round King Cup tie at Jedburgh and at the last-minute calls had to be made on players. Blythe and Waugh were injured. Ions and Curry were dropped for this game. Alex Anderson, brother of Abe, came into the right-hand position, while Bertram, North Sunderland, was left half. Patterson, Berwick Albion, took Waugh's position at outside right; Joe Dryden, Pegswood, and brother of the Newcastle United winger, John Dryden, came in in Blythe's position, while Johnstone, Coldstream, was outside left. Taken all over, Berwick were lucky to win as Jed Arts were worth a draw at least. They played a robust game and gave the Rangers few chances. The Artisans set the pace and were first to attack. After five minutes' play the home side took the lead when McLeod, accepting a pass from Wilson, shot across the goalmouth for McVake to score. This put fire into the Jed attack and Yourston had a busy time. The ground was very heavy and ball control was difficult. The Berwick players were not adapting to the conditions as well as their opponents. Sharp broke up a few Jed attacks and supplied some accurate forward passes. A long, low pass from Sharp up the centre was accepted by Bryson, who narrowly missed with a close-range shot. However, a few minutes later, Bryson levelled matters following sustained pressure on the home goal. Berwick were playing with the wind advantage and the Artisans were feeling the strain playing against it and sat back in defence. A free kick awarded to Berwick gave them the chance of taking the lead and Sharp duly scored with a well-struck shot. Rangers were well on top but began to take things easy. The Arts on the other hand realised that attack is better than defence and towards the interval the Berwick goal was repeatedly threatened. The honours of the second half went to the Artisans who, with the help of the wind, did most of the attacking. Typical cup-tie football was played throughout and but for the good defensive work by keeper Yourston, Wilson, Robson and Sharp the goal would have fallen more than once. With no more scoring, Rangers retired victorious though a lucky team.

11. A week later, Jed Arts were beaten 9-2 in a League match at Shielfield Park. Had the game gone its full course Rangers would have run into double figures. Unfortunately, owing to the late arrival of the visitors, the second half was only of 30 minutes duration. Berwick's superiority showed from the start. The opening goal came on four minutes when Anderson crossed into the box and Johnstone first timed it into the net. Duffy, the Jed keeper, did well to turn a free kick from Pearson around the post but was beaten for a second time when Bryson changed the direction of a Johnstone shot out of his reach. Two minutes later, Patterson increased the lead when his rising shot from an angle looked like clearing the far upright, but it fell against the post and bounced into the net. The failure of Donaldson to clear a cross let Bryson through to score a fourth. The only real opportunity Jed Arts had in the first half was when McGinn hit the crossbar from five yards out with the goal at his mercy. Duffy pulled off a full-length save to the applause of the crowd to stop Sharp's free kick from the edge of the box. Goal number five came from of the penalty spot. Dryden was fouled going through and Wilson stepped up to score. Sharp, with a long free kick, which Duffy could not hold, scored a sixth just before half-time. The game had kicked off nearly 25 minutes late and with the view that some of the players had to be home early to resume their professional duties, the second half lasted barely half-an-hour. When the game resumed, the Artisans took up the running and reduced the deficit slightly when McGinn headed in a cross from Loftus. McGinn had another chance to score but failed rather badly with only Yourston to beat. Fifteen minutes lapsed before any more goals came. Patterson was unlucky when his shot struck the woodwork before Pearson let Johnstone away on the left and centred for Dryden to score. Patterson made another neat run and crossed to Bryson, who headed against the bar. Dryden then broke through and, after Orr had miskicked, he went on to score number eight. A minute later, Bryson made it nine when he fastened onto a cross from the right. The visitors pressed for the remaining minutes and Mullen broke through to score another consolation goal.

25. Countless opportunities were wasted by the Berwick forwards in their King Cup Second Round match against Civil Service Strollers at Shielfield Park. Bryson was badly at fault, but he redeemed himself before the finish by scoring twice before Blythe hit home the winning goal. Rangers took the field a disorganised team and a man short. Robson had failed to turn up and it meant a reshuffle. Clasper fell into defence with Wilson; Blythe moved to the left and Pearson to the right. It also meant that Johnny Campbell, the Rangers' secretary, had to make an appearance even though he had decided serval weeks ago to hang up his boots. It was not until ten minutes to four that the teams took the field. Berwick were still a man short, but five minutes into the game Campbell took up the inside-left position. Though the ground was clear of snow, the surface was slippery and accurate passing was out of the question. The Strollers knew that the short passing game was impossible, but the Rangers were not so convinced. Luck was against the Berwick forwards. Bryson came within an ace of scoring, but Bell brought off a magnificent save to deny him. A few minutes later, Outterson miskicked and let Bryson through; he had only Bell to beat, but instead of dribbling closer, he kicked wildly, and the ball cleared the outside of the upright. Luck still evaded the Rangers when Campbell saw a drive skim the woodwork. Had Berwick taken their chances they would have been well ahead; however, a minute before the interval, the Strollers took the lead when Purves drew Yourston to the far side of the goal before centring for Allen to score into an empty net. Berwick missed another good chance on the restart when Anderson latched onto a Johnstone cross but slipped when about to shoot. Bryson's first goal came on 50 minutes. Anderson sent in a shot which Bell partly saved and Bryson, latching onto the rebound, sent the ball into the net. Rangers were not on level terms for long as Ross put the Strollers ahead when Yourston allowed the slippery ball to go through his hands. It seemed luck was dead against the Rangers. Patterson broke through and struck the crossbar and Bryson shot narrowly wide from a good scoring position. However, Bryson made up for his previous misses when he scored a brilliant equaliser from a very acute angle. Rangers the reshuffled their front line with Campbell moving into the centre position. It was a shrewd move as Berwick began to press the visitors' defence hard and Blythe secured the winning goal in the final minute when Campbell sent in a hard short; Bell slipped in trying to save; Outterson kicked it off the line but Blythe caught the rebound and headed the ball home.


4. There were some regrettable interludes contained in the match between Berwick Rangers and Vale of Leithen at Shielfield Park. The Innerleithen men were the principal offenders in some shady tactics which ended with the dismissal of McGinlay. The East of Scotland League match should have been played at Innerleithen, but the Vale opted to travel to Tweedmouth for a guarantee. Rangers had again to field a late substitute when Currie failed to appear, and John Crombie of Spittal Rovers took his place. Rangers kicked off downhill and were not long in getting into their stride. Anderson was unlucky not to open the scoring when he headed just over the bar from a Bryson cross. It was the visitors, however, who scored first when Adams broke through and netted after seven minutes' play. Yourston stopped his shot, but the greasy ball slipped from his grasp. After a period of sloppy passing, Waugh scored a pretty goal with a left-footed shot from the wing on 15 minutes. The goal saw Rangers come into their own and Crombie sent over a wing-shot that Bryson connected with and netted, but it was ruled out for offside. Scott, the Vale keeper, was having an anxious time as Rangers harassed his goal, but he gave a superb display, stopping a hot shot from Bryson before turning a similar effort from Crombie around the post. Berwick took the lead through Blythe, who scored with 20-yard shot. Rangers increased the lead when Bryson dribbled his way forward and was left with only the keeper to beat. Rangers were now well on top. However, Vale got a quick break and Melrose managed to reduce the leeway just before the interval. Scott was placed under immense pressure from the restart and Crombie struck the wrong side of the post. Waugh missed another good chance from close in and, less than a minute later, Bryson forced a near thing. The pressure Rangers had exerted should have given them a substantial lead had they taken their chances, but the necessary marksmanship was lacking. Crombie paved the way for the first goal of the second half on 55 minutes when he sent over a well-placed cross for Bryson to dispatch into the net. A few minutes later, Bryson was on the move again when he was brought down heavily by Turner and the referee had to separate the two players. A free kick was awarded, but immediately after Anderson met with similar treatment and the referee cautioned the culprit. After a period of play in the Vale goalmouth, matters got gradually worse. After a scene on the field, with several spectators involved, the trend of frayed tempers and shady tactics terminated with McGinlay receiving his marching orders. Scott then got a quick surprise when a high shot from Anderson sailed past him and into the net off the post. Less than a minute later, Rangers were awarded a penalty from which Blythe scored. Scott brought off a series of fine saves; one, a point-blank effort from Crombie, was a near certain goal. Casper, with some neat play, put Anderson through on goal; Scott knocked it out, and catching the rebound, Bryson secured his hat trick with Rangers' seventh of the afternoon.

11. There was little to pick and choose between Clerwood Amateurs and Berwick Rangers in their League match at Corstorphine. Rangers won by the odd goal in five with each of the Berwick goals being scored by Bryson, with his second hat trick in two weeks. The opening exchanges were nothing to enthuse over, with end-to-end play being the order. Bryson came closest to scoring in the first few minutes when he headed narrowly over following a cross from the right. At the other end, a lob into the goalmouth was dealt with by Yourston. Blythe nearly caught Cranston napping, but the keeper managed to push the ball over the bar. Rangers took the lead when Waugh sent over a neat cross and Bryson headed it well out of the keeper's reach. Clerwood upped their game and within minutes they were level when Stephens sent a shot past Yourston. Both sides were particularly strong in defence and at the interval the score was a fair reflection of the game. In the second half, the exchanges were even, and it was not until late in the game that Bryson completed his hat trick. Clerwood fought back and just before the finish Rarity reduced the lead. A draw would have been a more fitting result with both defences being on top, but it must be admitted that the Rangers forwards if anything held the edge overall.

18. Berwick Rangers met Peebles Rovers at Whitestone Park for the semi-final of the King Cup. Rovers started well and a good shot by Somerville caught the inside of the far post before rebounding back into play. Berwick went close when Currie sent in a hard drive from six yards out, but Carrick saved well. Rovers should have opened the scoring when a cross from Somerville found three home forwards in front of Yourston's goal, but they all failed to convert. However, a blunder by McDermott saw the home defender give Rangers the lead when trying to clear he lifted the ball over Carrick's head and into the net. Rovers produced a quick equaliser when Kilner beat Yourston with a rising shot. Peebles kept up the pressure and a penalty was awarded. Watson took the kick, but Yourston saved well. A few minutes later, Yourston pulled off a tremendous one-handed save to deny Sterricks. Rangers had a good chance in the closing minutes of the half when Carrick brought off a smart save when he smothered the ball at the feet of Bryson. In the second half, Berwick opened well, and Carrick was called into action twice in quick succession to save dangerous shots. A brisk Rovers' attack brought two corners with Yourston saving well from the second from Ewing. A quick break by Berwick saw the Peebles' defence caught in disarray and Bryson took full advantage of the situation to put Rangers into the lead. A good opportunity to make the score level was thrown away by Sterricks, who shot wildly past with only Yourston to beat. However, with only five minutes remaining, Waterson equalised for the Rovers with a soft goal.

25. The semi-final replay at Shielfield Park was action packed with Rangers winning by the odd goal in nine. Rangers fielded two new players in Moon and Urwin, who were both from the Tyneside area, and Johnstone returned to the team in place of the injured Currie. Peebles remained unchanged. The opening minutes were uninspiring with both teams playing defensively as they tested each other out. Johnstone had one or two good runs down the wing, but these were easily cleared. Berwick slackened off and Peebles, despite having the strong sun in their eyes, began to press with Yourston called upon thrice in as many minutes to save his line. However, with five minutes on the clock, Kilner beat Yourston with a low, angled shot. Berwick retaliated in a half-hearted manner and as a result Peebles soon forced them back on the defensive. Rangers eventually upped their game and levelled the score when Sharp took the ball in his stride before unleashing a 25-yarder just under the crossbar. Five minutes later, Berwick took the lead. Pearson dropped a pass over the defence and Bryson raced through to beat Carrick from close in. A minute later, Bryson tried the same move again, but this time Carrick ran out and blocked the shot. Sterricks was fouled out on the right and from the resultant free kick Walker hit the crossbar; Russell caught the rebound and levelled matters. Two minutes later, Peebles took the lead when Russell scored from 15 yards out; Waterson almost increased it, but his header went inches over. At the other end, Bryson had hard luck when, even though heavily challenged twice, he got in his shot, but the ball travelled just over the bar. Anderson sent in a shot that was worthy of a goal, but Carrick brought off a clever save. However, just before the interval, Rangers equalised. Carrick had saved a strong shot from Anderson at the expense of a corner; Unwin took the flag kick from the right and Anderson rose highest to head the ball into the net. Berwick were first to attack in the second half with Bryson and Blythe unlucky not to score. Carrick saved a strong shot from Unwin but failed to hold it and Johnstone got possession before ramming the ball into the net. Bryson put Berwick further ahead two minutes later with a close-range shot. Rangers were well on top and the succeeding play should have brought more goals. Kilner then reduced Berwick's lead with a well-struck shot and for the remaining minutes of the game they had more than their fair share of possession, but the home goal remained intact.


1. Rangers were unlucky not to take both points in a top-of-the-table clash with Penicuik Athletic at Shielfield Park. After holding the lead from the tenth minute, Rangers had to share the points after Penicuik levelled from the penalty spot with just four minutes remaining. Playing with the aid of the slope and wind, the visitors pressed from the start but could not find a way past Yourston. However, in the tenth minute, and against the run of play, Bryson broke through on goal and beat Johnston with a low shot to put Rangers ahead. The home defence at this point denied Penicuik of any scoring chances. Rangers attacked on the break with Urwin, Blythe and Bryson all testing Johnston. Urwin showed the defence a clean pair of heels when he raced up the wing, only to be brought down heavily in the penalty area, but the referee refused the appeals for a penalty. Johnston twice saved certain goals by running out before Sharp and Ramage were injured in a bad collision. Sharp had to leave the field before returning 20 minutes later; Ramage remained on the field but moved to the outside right position and was just a passenger for a good while. With only ten men, Rangers were kept on the defensive. Ten minutes from the interval, Sharp returned with his right eye heavily bandaged. Rangers began to fight back, and Bryson gave the visitors a fright when he cut through the defence before shot inches wide. Five minutes from the interval, Rangers should have gone further ahead when Bryson left the defence standing, but he could not get his shot in and Johnston cleared. Bryson made the crowd gasp at the start of the second half when he sent in a 30-yarder that struck the upper part of the post. Berwick now had the bulk of the play and their opponents had another lucky escape when Urwin sent in a long shot which Johnston pushed past for a corner. Bryson, in possession, brought Johnston out of his goal, before passing for Blythe to shoot into an empty net, but Davidson managed to get back in time to prevent the ball crossing the line. Johnston then fumbled a shot in a packed goalmouth, and it was fortunate for Penicuik that Selkirk cleared on the line. Another collision took place in the latter part of the half. Bryson was in front of the Penicuik goal when Johnston rushed out to clear and both players collided heavily. Both had to receive attention, but fortunately they were able to resume. The game was near ending when another unexpected turn of events came along. The referee stopped the game and was reading a slip of paper handed to him. It was a protest made by the Penicuik officials against the Rangers playing Johnstone, the ex-Coldstream player. Play had been particularly keen throughout, but the last five minutes eclipsed all. Penicuik were fighting desperately for a goal and it was in one of their raids that they were awarded a penalty for an unseen infringement with four minutes remaining. Robertson was entrusted with the kick and scored with a low shot to the right. After this late setback, the change in Berwick's play had to be seen to be believed as they peppered the Penicuik goal. With two minutes remaining, Sharp took a free kick from just outside the box and just missed the target. Rangers were certainly out of luck in the closing minute when, with all available players forward, the ball skimmed over the crossbar.

8. Berwick Rangers won the King Cup with a fine display against Clerwood Amateurs at Hawthorn Park, Duns. There was a blazing sun shining down the field towards the east goal and Clerwood, winning the toss, set the Rangers to face it. For the first ten minutes of the game, Clerwood attacked relentlessly and there only looked one winner; however, after the interval, Rangers upped their game and never looked back. It was only the offside rule that twice saved Berwick in the opening minutes as Spence and Wilson relied too much on the referee's judgement instead of calling out. However, against the run of play, Rangers opened the scoring. Casper sent a long pass up the wing to Unwin, whose cross to the centre struck Aitchison on the arm. The referee awarded a penalty, though it seemed very doubtful whether the ball made contact. Nevertheless, Blythe took the kick and scored. Berwick did not enjoy their lead for long. Wilson and Spence were being put under heavy pressure with repeated attacks. Spence thought he had time to clear the ball by playing it back to Yourston. It seemed a safe procedure; however, Yourston allowed the ball to slip through his hands and the score was now level. Rangers were now disheartened and with the defence unsettled the Amateurs remained on top. Spence miskicked in trying to clear, allowing Rarity to run through and put Clerwood ahead. Clerwood kept the Berwick defence under constant pressure up to the interval but could not add to their tally. There was little doubt that the first-half honours went to Clerwood, but Berwick had them beaten in almost every respect in the second. From a free kick on the edge of the box, Pearson put just over the crossbar; then, from a well-placed corner by Johnstone, Bryson scored with a first-time volley. Rangers now had the Amateurs on the rack. Sharp tested Cranston from a free kick and Johnstone cleverly beat his man but shot just over. Johnstone's next attempt was on target, but so was Cranston, who was at full-stretch to save. It was only a matter of time until Rangers took the lead; it came when Blythe's shot hit the upright before entering the net. Johnstone added a fourth a few minutes later. With Clerwood now looking a well-beaten side, Bryson pave the way for Urwin to complete the scoring.

14. The much-postponed first round Paul Shield match, played on Good Friday afternoon, was a pitiful exhibition of football. Both teams were not at full-strength. Rangers started a man short and of the other players, three of them played out of position with Wilson, the adopted full-back, donning the keeper's jersey. Blythe was the only regular in the team and Johnny Campbell, the Rangers' secretary, made the number up after ten minutes and played at right-half. Chirnside were totally out played, and their defence had a lot of work to do. However, Chirnside scored first when Wilson palmed out a shot from Walker and it landed kindly for Hope, who following up, had little difficulty in scoring. Blythe equalised two minutes later and then McAskill put Rangers ahead with a well-taken goal. Late in the second half, Learmonth sent through his own goal, in trying to clear a Blythe shot that had rebounded off the crossbar, putting Rangers 3-1 up and complete the scoring. The game throughout was never taken seriously. It was more like a friendly than a cup-tie, although it was doubtful if any of the players worried much about the result.

15. Berwick's game with Peebles Rovers at Whitestone Park, in an East of Scotland League fixture, had something of a cup-tie flavour about it. The game had an action-packed opening: a goal was scored; a penalty was awarded, and a player was sent off within the first five minutes. Unfortunately, the player to be sent off was Yourston, the Rangers' keeper, and his absence made a big impact on the team, who were beaten 5-1. Rangers were without Sharp and Anderson, with Wells and Brown from the KOSB Depot team taking their places in a reshuffled line-up. The game commenced in drizzling rain and within a minute Waterson opened the scoring for the Rovers. It was a clever piece of play with Torrie sending over a neat pass for Waterson to score. Berwick took up the attack and their efforts almost produced an equaliser. A penalty was the given against the Rangers. Kilner took the kick, but Yourston saved in fine style. Yourston, however, was not satisfied with the referee's decision in giving the penalty; he remonstrated with the referee and was sent off. Right back, Wilson, who had played in goal against Chirnside United the day before, took Yourston's place between the sticks. The game became scrappy at this point and the home forwards were missing easy chances. Wilson brought off some smart saves, but he had to admit defeat when Torrie ended his run by sending a fast drive into the net. Play gradually turned in Berwick's favour and Scott did well to save a close-range effort from Bryson. With the home keeper out of his goal, Johnstone missed a great chance when his shot was headed off the line by McDermott. Both teams had further chances before the interval, but each failed to score. In the second half, Peebles made the most of their numerical advantage and three more goals were added to their tally by Waterson, Cochrane and Russell. Blythe scored Berwick's only goal from the Penalty spot. There was no doubt that Yourston's sending off at the beginning of the match spoiled Berwick's chances of at least a draw.

18. Berwick Rangers were knocked out in the running for the League Championship when they were heavily beaten at Penicuik. Rangers were not at full strength with Urwin, Anderson and Clasper all absent; Brown (KOSB Depot), D. Rutherford (Berwick Hibs) and L. Walker (Berwick Hibs) took their places. Penicuik were the better team and worthy of their win but were lucky to get six goals. The game opened with a sharp Penicuik attack and on five minutes Sclater, accepting a pass from Westwater, opened the scoring. Berwick retaliated and Bryson, taking advantage of a slip by the home defence, equalised. However, a few minutes later, Sclater put Penicuik back in the lead with a well-taken goal. The Berwick forwards tried hard to level, but the home defence played stubbornly and before the interval Sclater added a third goal. In the first minute of the second half, Sclater beat Yourston for a fourth time with a well-placed shot. Despite the home side's big lead, the game was evenly contested, but near the end Sclater and Wilson (2) added further goals for Penicuik.

Berwick Rangers officials complained of not having a fair crack of the whip and there was justification in their complaint. They were informed they had to play Peebles Rovers at Shielfield on Thursday April 20th. However, the day before a letter arrived from the League Secretary informing the Rangers that Peebles were unable to raise a team. The Rangers' secretary wired Peebles and received the following: "Playing Selkirk. Can't be in two places at once." Just two days earlier, Rangers had travelled to Penicuik with weak team to fulfil an outstanding fixture and were heavily defeated; what they could not understand is that Peebles were unable to raise a team to meet the Rangers but could raise one to meet Selkirk!

22. Although there were plenty of goals, the match versus Gala Fairydean was ranked as one of the poorest of the season. Four goals in the first 15 minutes by Frank Bryson made things look rosy, but then play deteriorated quickly. Rangers had a substantial lead at one point, but after a period of lackadaisical play they struggled to gain the two league points at stake. Rangers were without Wilson, Clasper, Sharp and Irwin; their places were taken by Trowbridge (Tweedside Villa), Brown (KOSB Depot), Kidd (KOSB Depot) and Patterson (Berwick Hibs). With so many changes it was no wonder that the Rangers gave such a poor display, and it was fortunate that Gala were every bit as poor. Rangers attacked from the start and took the lead on four minutes when Johnstone paved the way for Bryson to score. The Gala defence had hardly got over this setback when Bryson got through once more to put Berwick two ahead on seven minutes with a neat 10-yard shot. A minute later, Anderson put in a third after he had beaten both defenders and was left with only Patterson to beat. After such a sensational opening, it was surprising that play fell off as it did. In a stray Gala run, Trowbridge punted the ball into touch. However, a second Gala attempt met with more success when Tillbrook got through to score a simple goal. The visitors attacked again, and Brown saved a certain goal when Baptie sent in a hard shot with Yourston out of his goal. Berwick's fourth goal came on the quarter-hour mark when Bryson homed in on goal and Patterson came out to meet him. Both players collided but Bryson managed to part with the ball, and it rolled into the net. Stewart struck the Berwick upright and the ball rebounded into play; Baptie secured the ball and netted, but the goal was ruled out for offside. Shortly before the interval, however, Gala reduced the deficit when Trowbridge accidentally handled in the penalty box and Russell scored from the resultant kick. Three minutes into the second half, Berwick scored a fifth when Anderson headed home a Bryson cross. This, however, was the last of the lively football Berwick displayed. Yourston was troubled by the strong sunshine and did the best he could as Gala piled on the pressure. Brown was forced to play the ball back towards Yourston and with the defence under pressure McWattie got his head to the ball and scored. The same player scored again a minute later following a misunderstanding in the Berwick defence. Berwick's play was lackadaisical and there was little indication that there was now only a goal between the teams. Patterson brought off a good save from a Johnstone cross and a few seconds later Bryson, from not far out, blazed over the Gala bar. The equaliser came through Tillbrook, after Pearson and Bryson had failed to stop his progress. Finally, Rangers upped their game, with Bryson forcing the pace and following a neat one-two with Anderson he netted what turned out to be the winning goal as Berwick pinned Gala back in their own half for the remaining minutes of the game.

29. On Saturday April 29th, Berwick Rangers were to have travelled to Galashiels to meet Vale of Leithen in the final of the Border Cup, but they were also down to play Peebles Rovers at Shielfield Park in their final League game and they decided to scratch from the Border Cup. It was stated that they would be out of pocket in travelling to play off the final, whereas Peebles were still in the running with Penicuik Athletic for the League Championship and it was hoped for a good gate. However, it was the seventh meeting of the season between the teams and the match was witnessed by one of the poorest gates of the season, who were far from impressed with proceedings. Throughout the game, the spectators and players questioned decisions made by the referee. Peebles played offside on several occasions and were seldom penalised. So much was the anger of the spectators that the referee had to be escorted from the field at the end by Johnny Campbell, the Rangers' secretary. Rangers started the match brightly and forced a series of corners, but Peebles eased their way into the match and did the bulk of the pressing. The visitors took the lead on the half-hour mark through Haywood, with the Berwick defenders claiming offside. Yourston made little or no attempt to save the ball. Peebles continued to press, but Rangers broke down the right and Sharp sent in a high dropping shot from midfield, Hope tried to clear, but the ball was claimed by Blythe and he netted the equaliser. Towards the interval, offside infringements occurred repeatedly in the visitors' attacks and the crowd voiced their disapproval. Peebles held downhill advantage for the second half, but Rangers were first to attack when Sharp sent in a 30-yarder which Hope only cleared by tipping the ball over the bar. However, a slip by Wells let Haywood through; Rule failed to stop him, and he scored a somewhat easy goal that Yourston had hardly expected. Less than a minute later, Waterson put Peebles further ahead from a position which seemed offside. A further appeal was ignored, and the spectators began to get rowdy. Waterson was injured in a tackle with Blythe and after a few minutes he left the field. The referee continued to irk the crowd as Haywood scored a fourth while the Berwick defence stood appealing, and shortly after Torrie scored the visitors' only "good" goal when he beat Yourston with a fast 20-yard drive. Just before the final whistle, Bryson, with a fine solo run, worked his way out onto the right before doubling back into the centre to score a second for the Rangers.

Peebles Rovers might have made a strong finish to the season, but they were pipped to the post by Penicuik Athletic, who were awarded an extra point due to Berwick Rangers playing an illegible player. Penicuik's protest was on the following: "That Johnstone of Coldstream F.C., played for Berwick Rangers against Jed Artisans on 11th February 1933, without the sanction of the Coldstream club and the League Secretary; therefore, he was committing an infringement of Rule 9." Rule 9 of the East of Scotland League stated that players can only play for one club in any one season unless permission is granted to do otherwise by the committee. A player may obtain a transfer from one club to another, provided the club he has played for is agreeable. The player and both clubs must submit written authority to the League Secretary, and his conformation must be obtained before the player is eligible to play for new club. Why a club should be awarded an extra point for an offence committed in a match they did not play in puzzled many, but the League said it was within their powers. Berwick Rangers were deducted a point for the offence. Peebles Rovers claimed for two points in their un-played match against Selkirk at Ettrick Park on December 17th. The match had been cancelled that morning due to the ground being flooded and was rearranged for Thursday 20th April; however, it was again cancelled by Selkirk in view of the Selkirk-Melrose rugby match the same evening. It seemed a fair claim, but the League committee turned down Peebles' claim and refused to reconsider their decision in the Berwick Rangers/Penicuik Athletic case, handing the Championship to the Midlothian club.

Berwick Rangers had a successful season, reaching three cup finals and winning two. They defeated Clerwood Amateurs 5-2 in the King Cup and Murrayfield Amateurs 2-0 in the final of the East of Scotland Qualifying Cup. Rangers also reached the final of the Border Cup and were to have travelled to Galashiels to meet Vale of Leithen, but they decided to scratch as that they would be out of pocket due to travelling expenses. Rangers also reached the fourth round of the Scottish Qualifying Cup but lost out on a place in the Scottish Cup proper after being defeated 2-1 by Penicuik Athletic at Shielfield Park. In the East of Scotland League, Rangers finished third behind Peebles Rovers and controversial champions Penicuik Athletic.